How Much Money Does David Ortiz Have? Explore his Salary, Net Worth and Source of Income

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    The Boston Legend's David Ortiz played his last season of his baseball career in 2016. He announced his retirement on his 40th birthday. David, who is also known as "Big Papi," played 20 Major Leauge Baseball, mostly with the Boston Red Sox, where his fellow Dominican player Eduardo Nunez played until recently. Big Papi owns a single season Red Sox record with 54 home runs during the 2006 season. Ortiz's 2018 net worth is estimated to be over $45 million.

    Ortiz, who is 42 years old, is married with three children. He got his first contract with Red Sox in January 2003 worth $1.25 million. It is the same club from where Jacoby Ellsbury started his career. He wrapped the season with 31 home runs, finishing fifth in the American Leauge MVP.

    David Oritz

    David Oritz

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    Later, in 2004, Red Sox offered him $4.6 million in salaries. However, Ortiz and his agent demanded $5 million.

    Big Papi's Net Worth and Salary

    Ortiz was on the list of Forbes World's Highest Paid Athletes in 2014. His salary was over $14.8 million that year and his total earning was $19.8 million. Ortiz was at 80 in that list of Forbes, just above the famous soccer star Robin Van Persi, whose total earning was $19.5 million with a salary of $16.5 million.


    As mentioned above Ortiz's net worth stands at around $45 million. His average salary throughout his career is estimated to be around $16 million per year.

    David Oritz's House Car, Properties, Investments

    Big Papi played his final season of his career in November 2016. Ortiz was the gem of the Red Sox who led the team to three World Series titles.

    David Oritz

    David Oritz

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    Talking about David's endorsements, he has worked for brands including MasterCard, JetBlue, Coca-Cola and Buffalo Wild Wings. His income from these endorsements worth over $6 million. David has also invested in a non-scripted TV production company. Ortiz also owns a food line, which he named after his nickname. It is called "Big Papi's Kitchen"

    Big Papi's Kitchen

    Big Papi's Kitchen

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    David is also involved in charity and has his own charitable organization, David Ortiz's Children Fund. The fund works for the children of New England and the Dominican Republic.

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