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Home Gossip How Much Is TV personality Joe Teti's Net Worth? Know About His Salary, Career And Awards

How Much Is TV personality Joe Teti's Net Worth? Know About His Salary, Career And Awards

Ashmita Karki Sat Sep, 2017
How Much Is TV personality Joe Teti's Net Worth? Know About His Salary, Career And Awards

The serious face behind Discovery channel’s ‘Dual Survival’, Joe Teti, has been people’s favorite for a pretty long time. His life story is pretty impressive as his career history is in real contrast to his current profession. He has accumulated a huge amount of net worth in his career which is pretty impressive.

Keep reading to find out the details about his salary, career, and awards he has bagged till date:

Joe Teti prolific career

Although Joe is a renowned TV personality today, he actually is a veteran soldier who has worked with not just US Military, but also with US Government and its special operations units. His career in the military is quite praiseworthy as he has served as a Force Recon Marine, Special Army Forces as well as an operator of a highly dignified unit of government counter-terrorist. 

Joe Teti past

Joe Teti in the past

source: Twitter

Joe’s record is also equally impressive as he has more than 30 certificates from Special Forces training belonging to various skill and field.


Joe stepped in the TV industry in 2013 after he joined ‘Dual Survival’ in its 3rd season where he got to showcase his talents learned from US military. There he worked with Cody Lundin and Matt Graham. Even though he no longer appears on the show, he ruled it from 3rd to 6th season. 

Joe Teti net worth, salary, and source of income

Joe has an estimated net worth of $300,000 and his annual salary is also very high. A huge source of his net worth credits to his works on the Discovery channel’s show and in the military.

Joe Teti

Joe Teti

Source: Discovery

Although he isn’t active as a presenter now, he hasn’t let his talents go in vain. In fact, he provides lessons and training to various people through his own training company as well as website named 

List of Joe Teti awards and his assets

Joe’s has been recognized and honored for his works in the Military to a large level in the past. Even though he was able to set his mark on people’s heart as a TV presenter, he didn’t really win any awards.

Watch an episode of 'Dual Survival':


A lot of people might be interested to know where this talented man lives. Sadly, Joe has made it sure that his personal life remains untouched by the media, leaving barely any information related to his house and cars.

Joe Teti

Joe Teti

Source: Speaker data

We all would be more than glad to get Joe back on TV. We hope his net worth skyrockets more than ever in coming days.

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