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Home Gossip How Much Is The Net Worth of Paige Hurd? Her Successful Career, Property, and Awards

How Much Is The Net Worth of Paige Hurd? Her Successful Career, Property, and Awards

Ashmita Karki Fri Nov, 2017
How Much Is The Net Worth of Paige Hurd? Her Successful Career, Property, and Awards

If you are a television kind of person, you will definitely get fascinated by the stars and their roles in TV. We have talked about a lot of celebrities till date, but today, we will be talking about Tasha Clarkson from ‘Everybody Hates Chris’. Well, Tasha from the series is portrayed by Paige Hurd.

Paige is a brilliant actress whose acting skills are praiseworthy. If you are a regular viewer of the show, you might have wondered how much money she makes. Keep reading to find out about her net worth and her amazing career. Also, get other details related to property and awards:

Paige Hurd net worth and income

Paige is a hardworking actress who has worked in a lot of TV shows and movies. Her estimated net worth is $1 million. The sum might not sound huge for you when compared to other celebrities, but for someone who is forever progressing, $1 million is temporary.

Paige Hurd

Paige Hurd

Source: Tumblr

Considering her success, we are pretty sure the sum will multiply in coming years. 

Paige Hurd career as an actress and her awards

Dallas, Texas-born Paige began her career as an actress in the 90s. She appeared as a guest star in the TV show ‘Felicity’ back then. After that, she guest starred in a lot of shows such as ‘George Lopez", ‘Boomtown’ and ‘The Division’.

Paige Hurd

Paige Hurd

Source: Glitter magazine

She appeared as a supporting star in the movie ‘Cradle 2 the Grave’ and ‘The Cat in the Hat’ in 2003. Her other works include ‘Beauty Shop,' ‘Ben 10: Race Against Time’, ‘The Suite Life of Zack & Cody’, ‘Medium,' and ‘ER.'
Paige’s most popular role is from ‘Everybody Hates Chris’. She has also appeared in ‘Peep Game,' ‘Aloha,' and ‘Crosstown.'

Watch Paige Hurd twerking:

Despite Paige’s fantastic career, she hasn’t received any awards till date. However, we totally support the fact that an award can’t judge a person’s ability.

Paige Hurd house, car, property, and clothes

Paige is quite secretive when it comes to her personal life. That’s why she has kept the details about her house, car and property out of the limelight. We can barely talk about it. Yet, it is crucial not to mention that Paige is a stylish woman. Her Instagram is filled with her photo that are inspiring to fashion addicts. Have a look:


on Sundays, we play ...

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We hope Paige achieves more success in years to come. Let's wish them best of luck.

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