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Home Gossip How much is Stephen King's Net Worth? Details of his Career, Awards

How much is Stephen King's Net Worth? Details of his Career, Awards

Sabina Gartaula Tue Nov, 2017
How much is Stephen King's Net Worth? Details of his Career, Awards

Stephen Edwin King, a.k.a Stephen King, is an American author best known for his horror, fantasy, suspense, and supernatural fiction. King has published 54 novels and has sold more than 350 million copies. He has also written more than 200 short stories, which has eventually helped him add a huge sum to his net worth.  

Many of King's novels have been adapted into feature films, comic books and TV series, among which the most recent one is IT of 2012 featuring Bill Skarsgard as the lead character It. IT was also adapted into a movie in 1990


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King is the third highest-earning author in the world after J.K Rowling in the first place and Candy Spelling in the second. So let's talk about Stephen King's career and net worth. 

Stephen King Career, Awards, Net Worth

Stephen, who was raised by his mother alone as a child, had witnessed the death of his friend by train. Even though he claims that he does not recall the memory, fans claim that the incident might have been a psychological inspiration for him to write his book On Writing. 

King's first work was a short story titled The Glass Floor. He sold the story in 1967.  It came as a result of King not being able to find a vacancy for teaching after graduation. The majority of his stories have been republished in Night Shift.  

Later, he found a job as a teacher, but still continued his passion for writing by selling stories and working on ideas for his novels. Well, this happened to be a wise decision for him that earned him a huge fame and a tremendous net worth as well.

King's first novel was accepted by Doubleday, a publishing house, in 1973. Initially, he had almost thrown away the novel as he was discouraged with its slow improvement. However, his wife encouraged him to write. He made $2,500 as an advance for the novel. The book made him $400,000 after being published. 

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Throughout the years, he wrote numerous successful novels like The Dark Tower Books, It, etc. Moreover, in the 2000's he stepped into the digital era and published his horror novel series online titled The Plant. He later scrapped the plan as it did not turn out to be successful. The story can still be found on his official website. Later, he also wrote another online novel titled Riding the Bullet.  

With all the success, the 70-year-old is one of the most successful authors in the world. Throughout his career, the author has won numerous awards including 6 Horror Guild, 2 American Library Association, 2 International Horror Guild Awards and many others. The most recent award won by King was for his novel Mr. Marcedes. It won an Edgar Award in 2015 in the Best Novel category. 

Stephen King with Barack Obama

Stephen King with Barack Obama

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In the same year, he was also awarded a National Medal in Arts by former US President Barack Obama. Let's now learn in details about his earning and net worth.

How much is Stephen King Net worth and Salary?

As of 2018, his net worth is under review, though it is estimated that King's net worth is $400 million. In 2013, Forbes estimated his yearly earning to be around $20 million. Moreover, the third movie adaptation of his novel Carrie made $84 million worldwide in the same year. 

The adaptation of his novel IT also grossed over $326 million in 2017. A majority of movies adapted from his novels have been a big success grossing over $20 million. 

Prior being recognized as a prominent author, Stephen King reportedly worked as a teacher at Hampden Academy with his annual salary of $6,400 in 1971, though in 1967, he already had sold his story The Glass Floor for $35,000.

Later in 1973 and 1996, Stephen King's royalty for the novel, Carrie, to New American Library and novel Rose Madder was $400,000 and $1.5 million respectively. Since then, his career as an author has changed his life.

Here is the list of his earnings:

Year Earnings
1999 $40 million
2008 $45 million
2011 $28 million
2012 $39 million
2013 $20 million
2014 $17 million
2015 $19 million
2016 $15 million

As of 2018, Stephen King's horror series Castel Rock is on the road with its premiere on July 25. The series reportedly consists of 10 episodes and 6 of them have aired in America. Well, all his endeavors have substantially added up to his net worth.

We wish him best for further!