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Home Gossip How much is Rich Doctor Paul Sinha's Net Worth? His Property and Career in Detail

How much is Rich Doctor Paul Sinha's Net Worth? His Property and Career in Detail

Sabina Gartaula Sun Nov, 2017
How much is Rich Doctor Paul Sinha's Net Worth? His Property and Career in Detail

Dr Paul Sinha, a.k.a. Supriya Kumar 'Paul' Sinha, is a successful doctor and comedian based in Britain. Paul, who is of Indian origin, was born in Bedfordshire, England. 

The 47-year-old is very talented as he is not only a doctor and a comedian but also a broadcaster and quiz player. Despite being a successful man, he is known for being very humble and loves solving quizzes. 

Paul Sinha

Source: Metro

Let's find out more about Paul Sinha's career and net worth.

Paul Sinha career as a doctor and comedian

Paul is a general practitioner (GP), and he gained his education from Dulwich College followed by St George's Hospital Medical School. Being a doctor we can already assume that he is a very talented man. 

Meanwhile, other than doing technical doctorly things, he loves solving quizzes. Once he even posted a photo on Twitter of himself winning the UK pub quiz team championship.

He has also appeared on Are You an Egghead, Brain Britain etc. Recently, in 2017, he landed in the 7th place of the National Quiz Ranking followed by a 14th place in the World Quizzing Champions

Moreover, when he is not working as a doctor or solving quizzes, he also performs stand-up comedy. Like Danny Bhoy, fellow Brit of Indian origin who has made his name in comedy, Paul has become a popular name in comedy circles.

Initially, the GP developed a liking for performing while he was still in his medical school. Later, while working as a junior doctor in London, he transformed his taste for performing into a career. He made his debut as a comedian and he is best known for making puns on his ethnicity and making gay jokes about himself. 

Paul participated in Hackney Empire New Act of the Year in the year 1999 and landed in the third place. At that time, Sinha was also touring while carrying out his medical career.

Sinha finally rose to prominence and made a breakthrough after his second solo performance at Edinburgh 'Saint or Sinha?'  His performance at the festival earned him a nomination for an if.comeddi in the year 2006

He first performed at the festival in 2004. Till date, he has performed there 7 times, in 2004, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2015 respectively. 

Paul also performs on the radio. On BBC Radio 4 alone. he has performed on numerous shows like The News Quiz, Just a Minute, Loose Ends etc. Moreover, he has also appeared as a guest on radio shows like Broadcasting House, Midweek etc. and because of his interest in football and cricket, he has appeared on Radio 5 Live's Fighting Talk

Paul Sinha's net worth and property valuation

The comedian, who likes to make jokes about himself being gay, has a very secretive personal life. Not much is known about him including his love life and net worth. 

Many sources claim that his estimated net worth is $1 Million to $2 Million. His exact net worth or salary is unknown. 

Paul Sinha Performing

Source: York Press

The major source of his income is his career as a doctor followed by his career as a comedian. His appearance on shows and other events is also one of his income sources. 

Like his unknown salary and love life, the humble doctor cum comedian does not like to brag about his belongings. So, not much can be said about his properties. 

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