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Home Gossip How much is Rian Johnson net worth? Know about his career and awards

How much is Rian Johnson net worth? Know about his career and awards

Sandip Dangal Thu Feb, 2017
How much is Rian Johnson net worth? Know about his career and awards

The 43 years old, Rian Johnson is a well-known American writer, producer, director, and voice over actor. Johnson is best known for his direction in the films such as The Brothers Bloom (2008) and Looper (2012).

Rian Johnson started his career in film after completing his education. Johnson has not only gained a huge popularity but also has filled his pocket with a large chunk of cash from his movies that adds up to his net worth.

Want to know more about Rian Johnson's net worth and career, stay with us.

Rian Johnson Net Worth

We all know that Rian Johnson is a well-reputed director and this fact helps us predict that he has a very good net worth, however, we can't say anything about his exact net worth in figure. Some sites have stated that his estimated net worth is around 5 million Dollars. It might be false as Rian Johnson is one of the highest paid directors in the world.

Rian Johnson

Caption: Rian Johnson

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Rian Johnson has directed some successful films like Looper, which was released in 2012 and which collected $176.5 million in the box office. So this successful director cannot have the net worth of just 5 million. He is a well-established director so it's pretty sure that he has his own house and also some branded cars, however, he keeps a very low profile

Rian Johnson Career in Short

Rian Johnson before his debut as a director in a film, he worked in a short film Evil Demon Golfball from Hell!!!! Rian both wrote and directed the short film which was released in 1996. After working on this, Rian worked as an editor in a movie May released in 2002.

Rian Johnson made his debut in the movie with the 2005 film Brick. Rian worked as a director, writer, and an editor, in this film. After that film, Johnson has worked in a number of movies that helped him to be established as a director in the American film Industry. He has recently worked as a writer and director in the movie Star Wars: Episode VIIIwhich is yet to be released.

Video: Trailer of Rian's upcoming movie Starwars: Episode VIII

Apart from working in films, Rian has shown his skills on TV. He first directed Terriers' episode, "Manifest Destiny". After this, he worked in some episodes of Breaking Bad which ran from 2010 to 2013. Coming to 2015, he worked as a voice artist in some episodes of the series BoJack Horseman. 

Video: Trailer of Rian's debut film Brick

Rian Johnson Awards

Rian Johnson has been nominated for a number of awards in his career and also has won several of them. He won a number of awards for his debut film Brick

He finished the script for "Brick" in 1997, a year after graduating from the University of Southern California's film school For this film, he won Sundance Film Festival Special Jury Prize for Originality of Vision, BIFA Award for Best Foreign Independent Film, Chicago Film Association Award for Most Promising Director and many others.

Here, we are presenting you a video clip where Rian Johnson will be seen in an interview.

Talking about his recent award, Rian was awarded the Directors Guild of America Award for outstanding Directing- Drama Series for the series Breaking Bad, particularly for the 51st episode.