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Home Gossip How much is Olivia Washington net worth? Know about her career and awards

How much is Olivia Washington net worth? Know about her career and awards

Dilip Adhikari Tue Feb, 2017
How much is Olivia Washington net worth? Know about her career and awards

The actress of Mr. Robert, Olivia Washington was born as Olivia Rashelle Washington on the year, 1991 in Los Angeles, California, USA. Along with Mr. Robert in 2015, she also starred in the movie Madoff in the year 2016 but she came into fame when sh appeared in the movie The Butler as Lee Daniels.

Olivia Washinton has been raised in a family where everyone is into movies or film industry. Olivia is the daughter of Denzel Washington and Pauletta Washington and a younger sister of John David Washington and Katia Washington along with that she also has a twin sister Malcolm Washington. Not just that, her granny Rita Pierson is also into the film industry and we can see Rita Pearson work in the movie American Gangster.

With all the family members into movies, and she herself in some of the blockbusters must have collected a huge sum of net worth since her father Denzel Washington has the net worth of $190 millio, Olivia must also be swimming in millions.

Olivia Washington Net Worth

As a daughter of a rich and Golden Globe award-winning actor Denzel Washington, she is a rich girl already, father Washington has the collected the net worth of $190 million from all the hits that he gave.

Check out the photo of daughter Olivia and father Denzel Washington

Olivia Washington and Denzel Washington

Olivia Washington and Denzel Washington


Denzel Washington is so popular that whenever anyone wants to know about Olivia Washington all they get is the information about Denzel due to which most of Olivia's personal life is hidden or shall we say, private to the whole world.

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If we want to find out the net worth of Olivia, it's very hard since her official social networking site is nowhere to be found. But we do know that Olivia is into movies and has done many movies. Let's start talking about her career.

Olivia Washington career

Olivia Washinton's talent was seen from her early age due to her parent's influence after completing her schooling she went to New York University for further studies. After her graduation, Olivia took acting lessons in the Acting School where she presented her love for acting by performing in several shows where she gave a marvelous performance. So, she left the acting school and went for minor roles on screen.

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Olivia stepped into the film industry with a movie The Butler in one of the minor character, later she got to play an FBI Agent in the series Mr. Robot where she was seen in three episodes. After that, she appeared as Agent Cacioppo in another popular series called Madoff where she was seen in four episodes of the first season.

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Though Olivia is seen in some minor roles but she has impressed all the viewers, she will surely make to the top as her parents.