How Much is Michelle Hunziker's Husband Tomaso Trussardi's Net Worth? His Property & Lifestyle

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The CEO of infamous Italian fashion hub Trussardi, Tomaso Trussardi is currently married to Michelle Hunziker, an Italian TV hostess, actress, model, and singer. As an actress, she has worked with actors like Christian De Sica, Massimo Ghini, and others. Trussardi initially started out as leather gloves manufacturing company but soon extended its branches and now produces numerous fashion items from clothes, perfumes, jeans to home decors. Apart from serving as a CEO of multi-million dollars fashion house, he is best recognized as the husband of the actress. 

Know more about Trussardi and wife Michelle

The Italian businessman is an elite in the business world and a majority of information about him are kept as confidential as possible for his and his family's safety and sanity. Likewise, the estimated net worth of the businessman has also not been disclosed. Nonetheless, it is safe to assume that his net worth is in multi-million. His company Trussardi has an estimated revenue of €152 million, i.e., US $188.8 million approx. 

Here we are going to share with you some information about the businessman's net worth, salary, properties, and lifestyle. Continue reading to find out more. 

Tomaso Trussardi net worth and salary

As mentioned above, the estimated net worth of the CEO of multi-million dollar company, Tomaso Trussardi, has not been revealed. As his net worth, his monthly and annual salary are also unknown. However, his company has an estimated revenue of €152 million, i.e., US $188.8 million approx meaning that the businessman has a net worth in millions. 

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Additionally, his wife Michelle Hunziker, who is an actress, model, singer, and TV host has an estimated net worth of $10 million alone.  

Tomaso Trussardi and family lifestyle and property

Tomaso was born in a high-class family and might have been raised in a very lavish way. There are no doubts that the Trussardi family are living a very lavish life with Tomaso's multi-million dollar net worth and $10 million net worth of wife Michelle. Trussardi is a sensation in the fashion world and can frequently be seen on the cover of magazines all over the world. 


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Moving on to the family's property, there is no exact detail about the precise location of Trussardi's houses and their price and features. However, it is sure that the family has numerous houses which spread throughout Italy and the United States. 

Tomaso Trussardi's BMW

Tomaso Trussardi's BMW

Source: Vanity Fair

Likewise, the information about what car Trussardi drives is not known. But back in late 2013, Trussardi and his wife Michelle were seen test driving a BMW i3 electric car which costs over $48 thousand. 

Tomaso Trussardi and wife Michelle Hunziker with their white Porshe

Tomaso Trussardi and wife Michelle Hunziker with their white Porshe

Source: II Giorno

Additionally, Tomaso has been captured driving numerous luxury cars like Porshe, BMW, Lamborgini and many others.