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Home Gossip How Much Is Louise Lear's Net Worth? Know About Her Salary, Career And Awards

How Much Is Louise Lear's Net Worth? Know About Her Salary, Career And Awards

Ashmita Karki Wed Oct, 2017
How Much Is Louise Lear's Net Worth? Know About Her Salary, Career And Awards

Louise Lear is a regular face on BBC. She has been working with the esteemed news channel for a very long time. It doesn’t come as a surprise when people say that Lear’s net worth is high as BBC surely pays her a good annual salary. However, have you ever thought how high Lear’s net worth is?

Let’s dig deeper to get the details about Lear’s income and her total worth. Since her career has been pretty amazing, we will also update you know about her career along with the awards that she has bagged. Keep reading:

Louise Lear early career

Lear’s education is quite in contrast to her current profession as she is a music and drama graduate from Middlesex Polytechnic. There she played instruments such as Clarinet and piano. Later, her career took a sharp turn after she developed an interest in Children’s BBC where she worked as a researcher.

After that, Lear joined a radio company as a sports presenter. You might not believe but Lear also covered the whole Winter Olympics of 1994 that took place in Lillehammer.

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Louise Lear

Louise Lear

Source: Flickr

In 1992, Lear got in TV as she joined Central Television. She also worked with LBC in London for 2 years. In 1996 the talented woman joined UK Weather Channel soon after its launch. 2 years later, that is, in 1998, Lear joined BBC.

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Louise Lear career in BBC

Lear and BBC have a close relationship. She has worked in various shows of the channel. She appears as the weather presenter on BBC Weather, BBC World News, BBC News, BBC Red Button as well as BBC Radio. In the past, she worked as BBC Breakfast’s weekend presenter. At present, she also appears regularly on the ‘BBC News at Six’.

Watch Louise Lear constantly giggle on air:

That’s not all! Lear has also been the presenter of other BBC shows such as ‘Trading Up’ and ‘Countryfile’. Isn’t it pretty impressive?

Louise Lear net worth and income

Lear’s career as a forecaster and host is pretty clear and neat. We are pretty sure that BBC pays her a huge sum as her annual salary.

Although it is not quite clear, we can say that her net worth is in millions considering her career progress and success that she has received.

Louise Lear awards, house and car

Lear hasn’t won any awards yet but her devotion towards her career is praiseworthy. She is quite secretive when it comes to her personal life and she hasn’t revealed about her houses, where she lives and what she drives. However, we cannot deny the fact that her outfits are always over the top. We’re sure that her wardrobe can make any woman jealous. Don’t you agree?

Louise Lear

Louise Lear

Source: Capital Capture

We believe that Louise Lear totally deserves each dime of her huge net worth. If she keeps on progressing like she is doing now, she is sure to make tremendous money in future.