How Much is Kelli Berglund's Net Worth? Know about her Salary, Career and Awards

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Kelli Berglund, who plays the role of Bree Davenport on the super duper hit TV series Lab Rats, is one of the most dynamic media personalities at the present.

Given her fame, many of her fans and followers are curious to know her net worth.

Kelli aka Bree Davenport is currently focused on her career

Kelli aka Bree Davenport is currently focusing on her career 

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Just make a guess, how much money does Kelli earn from that show alone? It must be a huge figure, right?

Kelli Berglund aka Bree Davenport and her career

Blonde beauty Berglund entered into the entertainment industry at an early age. Since then she never failed to give awesome performances. Apart from that, she has also branched out into business.

However, we think that a huge chunk of her net worth comes from the series Lab Rats, which propelled her to stardom. Besides Lab Rats, Kelli has also been involved in movies like How to Build a Better Boy, Bye Bye Benjamin, One Night, Raising the Bar, and, most recently, Raising the Bar.

 In addition to the movies, she has also made dozens of television appearances in programs like Hip Hop Harry, Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader, America’s Next Producer, etc. 

What's her main source of income?

Given her career in television, silver screen and modeling, one can comfortably say that she has made quite a lot of money.  

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Although sources have struggled hard to come up with a definite number, given her acting chops and regular appearances, many agree that she stands on a fortune of more than 1 million dollars. 

Kelli giving killer looks with her sex with her expensive Car

Kelli giving killer looks with her expensive Car 


No doubt, she drives around an expensive Mercedes.