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Home Gossip How Much is Keith Ferrazzi's Net worth? Know about his Career and Awards

How Much is Keith Ferrazzi's Net worth? Know about his Career and Awards

Ashmita Karki Sat Aug, 2017
How Much is Keith Ferrazzi's Net worth? Know about his Career and Awards

We have talked about the net worth of various athletes, movie stars, comedians, models, media person and so on till date. Today, we aren’t talking about anyone among them, but someone whose success as an entrepreneur is very high. You might already have a few names in your head by now, but let us be straight. It is none other than Keith Ferrazzi.

Ferrazzi is a renowned name in the world of business. His estimated net worth is as high as $10 million. Yes, you read it right! It is ‘10’! Ferrazzi is not just a businessman but also a successful author who has a huge reader fan base. So what’s his career like? Has he received any awards? Let’s find out:

Keith Ferrazzi early career and its progress

Keith Ferrazzi is a graduate of Yale University as well as of Harvard Business School. He joined Deloitte, a management consulting firm, soon after he graduated from Harvard to work as an analyst. His successive work on the firm led him to become its chief marketing officer from a junior analyst.

Keith Ferrazzi

Keith Ferrazzi

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He also became the chief marketing officer of Starwood Hotels at an early age of 32.

Keith Ferrazzi's companies and books

After he quit the hotel, he founded an entertainment and marketing company named YaYa. The company was bought by American Vantage in 2003 at a very good sum.

Keith Ferrazzi

Keith Ferrazzi

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After that, the businessman founded an LA based consulting firm named Ferrazzi Greenlight. Later, he also formed its associate named Greenlight Research Institute.

Keith Ferrazzi books

Keith Ferrazzi and his books

Source: The Speaker's Group

Ferrazzi is not just successful in the field of business, but he is also a renowned author who has written multiple New York Times bestselling books. His work in writing includes ‘Never Eat Alone’ and ‘Who's Got Your Back?’. However, he hasn't been the recipient of any awards till now.

Keith Ferrazzi Net Worth: Expensive Attires, Sports Wear, Holidays and Lifestyle

With his astounding $10M net worth, undoubtedly, Ferrazzi is a man with a class. We appreciate the outfits of his choice. He is either dressed in suits or neat casual wears, there is no in between. He seems to be Nike lover as it appears to be his favorite sports brand.


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Ferrazzi lives quite an exclusive life. The photos he posts on his Instagram makes us super jealous. From fine dining to the exquisite palm-tree, all of those are in his daily activities. He travels so much that makes us think whether there is any happening place that he hasn’t been yet.


Another Friday evening of #goinghighertogether.

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Keith Ferrazzi’s life is quite happening, but we should consider the amount of hard work he has done in his early days to reach up to where he is today. Net Worth of $10M is not that easy to achieve if you don't work hard, isn't it? We hope he finds more success in coming days.