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Home Gossip How much is Joe Pesci Net worth? Find out his Career and awards

How much is Joe Pesci Net worth? Find out his Career and awards

Ashmita Karki Sat Dec, 2016
How much is Joe Pesci Net worth? Find out his Career and awards

Raging Bulls’ star Joe Pesci has a jaw-dropping net worth of $50 million. He is a very hard-working actor who is an Academy award winner actor, comedian, and singer. His career is equally amazing too.  Let’s have a look at Pesci’s asset and how he earned such huge net worth.

Joe Pesci live in a gorgeous mansion in Lavallette

He lives in a gorgeous mansion Lavallette, New Jersey. 

Image: Joe Pesci's house

Joe Pesci's car and ladies

Pesci is a luxurious mans who owns a shiny black car. Recently, Pesci was seen leaving Mr. Chows Restaurant in Los Angeles. He was spotted in his car which was full of hot ladies. Pesci looked a little drunk as well.

Image: Joe Pesci seen in his car

Joe Pesci's prolific career

Pesci worked as a barber in the early 60s. After that, he joined ‘Joey Dee and the Starliters’ band as a guitarist. In 1968, Pesci released ‘Little Joe Sure Can Sing’ album. He started performing in local clubs with Frank Vincent. He appeared as an actor in 1976 in ‘The Death Collector’. Three years later, Pesci appeared in ‘Raging Bull’ which got him much fame. He won BAFTA award for his role in that movie. Moreover, he also got nominated for Academy Award. After that Pesci’s career as an actor geared up. In 1982 he did ‘Mr. Wonderful’. In 1983, he did ‘Easy Money’. Similarly, he appeared in 1983’s ‘Eureka’ as well. He also appeared alongside De Niro in 1984’s ‘Once Upon a Time in America’. He was starred as Rocky Nelson in comedy series ‘Half Nelson’ the following year. He appeared in ‘Moonwalker’ in 1988.

Video: 'Raging Bulls' trailer

His career didn’t just stop there. He was starred as Leo Getz in the Lethal Weapon sequels in 1989, 1992 and 1998. His other amazing works includes 1990’s ‘Goodfellas’ for which he received Academy Award, 1990’s ‘Home Alone’, 1991's ‘JFK’, 1992’s ‘My Cousin Vinny’ and ‘The Public Eye’, 1993’s ‘A Bronx Tale’, 1995’s ‘Casino’, ‘Man on Fire’ in 1987, ‘The Super’ in 1991, ‘Jimmy Hollywood’ in 1994, ‘With Honors’ in 1994, ‘Gone Fishin'’ in 1997, ‘The Good Shepherd’ in 2006 and 2010’s ‘Love Ranch’.

Image: Joe Pesci

This is how amazing Pesci’s career has been. Thus by looking at his prolific career, we can’t deny the fact that Pesci has earned his net worth of $50 million by himself. He is a perfect example of hard working and dedicated person.

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