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Home Gossip How much Is Icelandic Actor Stefan Karl Stefansson's Net Worth? Details of his Income Source

How much Is Icelandic Actor Stefan Karl Stefansson's Net Worth? Details of his Income Source

Ashmita Karki Thu Nov, 2017
How much Is Icelandic Actor Stefan Karl Stefansson's Net Worth? Details of his Income Source

Who remembers Robbie Rotten from LazyTown? Even though a lot of actors have been forgotten with the passage of time, many people still fondly remember the villain from the super-hit children's TV series. Well, it was none other than Icelandic actor Stefan Karl Stefansson who essayed the role.

A brilliant actor, Stefan has passed the test of time and is still involved in doing what he loves while many actors who started out with him have virtually disappeared. Given this longevity, his net worth has been a source of interest for many.

Stefan Karl Stefansson career as an actor

Born in 1975 in Hafnarfjörður, Iceland, Stefan is an Iceland Academy of the Arts graduate who also attended the National Theatre of Iceland. While in the theatre, Stefan worked in numerous productions among which A Midsummer Night's Dream was also one. 

Stefan Karl Stefansson aka 'Robbie Rotten'

Stefan Karl Stefansson aka Robbie Rotten

Source: Express

He started his film career in 1994 in an Icelandic TV film at the age of 19. The Lazy Town series, where we see Stefan as Robbie Rotten, was initially a stage production under the same name. Later, the show appeared as TV series beginning from 2004. It was modestly successful and lasted up to four seasons. The show’s final episode came out on  13th October 2014.

 Watch an episode of LazyTown right here

The 42-year-old star has worked in numerous movies, theater productions and TV shows till date. Some of his popular movies include Night at the Museum, Thor, Polite People, Harry og Heimeir and Stella for Office. Similarly, his TV work includes Cars Can Fly, Car Mechanic Sketches for Eurovision, God Exists... And Love and Baking Trouble, among others.

Stefan Karl Stefansson's philanthropic activities

Stefan is not just active as an actor; he is also involved in social work and philanthropic activities. He is the founder and director of a nonprofit organization named Rainbow Children.

Stefan Karl Stefansson

Stefan Karl Stefansson

Source: Alchetron

A reputed nonprofit organization in Ireland, Rainbow Children is actively involved in raising awareness about and trying to stop bullying in schools.

Stefan Karl Stefansson's net worth and income

Stefan Karl Stefansson's main source of wealth is his movies and TV series. But he also occasionally works as a voice-over artist. Unlike other actors who jump at every opportunity to endorse various brands, he has not monetized his identity or tried to increase his brand value. He has an estimated net worth of $2 million


All done with chemo for now. ?? #allover #happy #happyplantdad

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Although Stefan is inactive at the moment, because he suffers from pancreatic cancer, he still enjoys a solid fan base. We hope he recovers soon.

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