How much is Connie Chung net worth? Know about her career and awards

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One of the most renowned journalists of all times, Connie Chung can be termed as the lady who devoted 40 years of her life to journalism. She has worked on various renowned channels such as CBS, CNN, NBC, ABC, etc. The hard-working lady’s estimated net worth is around $15 million and her annual income is also equally high.

Let’s find out more about her assets and career.

Connie Chung $9 million worth mansion

Chung used to live with her husband Maury Povich is an apartment located in Manhattan. They lived there for 25 years until they bought a bungalow in Washington DC in 2010 and shifted there. The DC mansion is 12,500 square foot huge and is a Tudor-style house.

Caption: Connie Chung and Maury Povich's apartment Manhattan
Source: hdimagelib

Their luxurious mansion consists of 7 bedrooms, 11 bathrooms and other extra features such as music room, pool and koi pond. Chung and her husband also share high-level neighbors such as French, Portuguese and Dutch ambassadors.  Chung along with her husband bought it for $9 million.

Image: Connie Chung with husband Maury Povich

Image: Connie Chung with husband Maury Povich

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Connie Chung expensive jewelry

Chung seems to be a lady who believes in simplicity as she is rarely seen wearing any pieces of jewelry, but once she was spotted with a statement necklace piece and earrings set which made us hard to take our eyes off her.

Image: Connie Chung

Image: Connie Chung

Source: Closer Weekly

Connie Chung wardrobe

We must admit that Chung’s wardrobe collection is praiseworthy. The elegant lady is never seen dressed shabbily as she is either seen on designer collection dresses or neatly tailored suits.

Image: Connie Chung

Image: Connie Chung

Source: Zimbio

Connie Chung career

70-year-old Chung is a 1969’s journalism graduate of University of Maryland, College Park. She worked with ‘CBS Evening News’ in the beginning. After that, she worked with CBS, KNXT, which is currently KCBS. Chunk appeared in ‘NBC News at Sunrise’ and ‘NBC Nightly News’ in 1983. She hosted ‘American Almanac’ in 1986. She left NBC in 1989 and joined CBS as ‘Saturday Night with Connie Chung’s’ host. She also anchored ‘CBS Sunday Evening News’. Chung left CBS in 1995 and joined ABC. She co-hosted the ABC’s ‘Monday edition of 20/20’ with Charles Gibson. She has also hosted other renowned shows on CNN and MSNBC.

Video: Kathleen Gingrich tells Connie Chung that 'Clinton is a bitch'

Till date, Chung has interviewed a lot of celebrated and renowned personalities such as Kathleen Gingrich, mother of the then republican, Newt Gingrich, Oklahoma City Fire Department, Martina Navratilova, Claus von Bulow, and Gary Condit to name a few.

This is how Chung has been successful in earning millions. We can definitely agree that she deserves her net worth by look at her prolific career and flawless reporting skills.