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Home Gossip How Much Is Christen Dominique's Net Worth? Know In Detail About Her Career and Awards

How Much Is Christen Dominique's Net Worth? Know In Detail About Her Career and Awards

Sabina Gartaula Fri Jan, 2018
How Much Is Christen Dominique's Net Worth? Know In Detail About Her Career and Awards

Christen Dominique is an American born YouTube personality and freelance makeup artists. She is best known as a beauty guru on YouTube, where she uploaded makeup tutorials and product reviews on her self-titled channel Christen Domonique. With over 3.5 million subscribers on her YouTube channel, she can be compared to some famous beauty gurus on YouTube like Michelle Phan, Shannon HarrisNikkie Tutorials and many others. 

The 30-year-old is a mother of one and was named one of the Top Influencers in category beauty in 2017 by Forbes. Moving along, as one of the biggest names on YouTube and other social media, it is evident that has a hefty salary. Some sources claim that she has an estimated net worth of $130 thousand, but we are unsure that the figures are correct. 


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Here we are going to share some in-depth information about her net worth, salary, career, awards, and her makeup line. 

Christen Dominique net worth and salary

As mentioned above, some sources claim that Christen has an estimated net worth of $130 thousand. In our opinion, the net worth is very low. 

According to Social Blade, with the count of subscribers and views on her channel, she has an estimated monthly salary of $2.5 thousand to 39.6 thousand, and her estimated yearly salary is somewhere between $29.7 thousand to 475.4 thousand. Let's not forget that this is her earning solely from YouTube and no other sponsored and promotional works. With these figures, there is no doubt that her net worth should be around million dollars. 


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She has partnered with some big brands like Sephora, L'Oreal, Urban Decay and many others. Moreover, apart from YouTube, she is also famous on Instagram with over 1.3 million followers. She is known to endorse and promote products on her social media including YouTube, which pays her thousands of dollars.

Not long ago, she was seen promoting face sponge by Olay. And also let's not forget all the expensive and unreleased PR packages containing makeup and other materials companies send her to advertise and promote. 

Furthermore, in 2018, she announced her makeup line called Christen Dominique Cosmetics. The first product of the makeup line, 'The Latte Palette' was announced through a YouTube video on her channel on 17th Jan 2018.

The palette was not even released and was only available for pre-order and within 24 hours, the palette which retails for $42 was sold out. With more products waiting in line to be launched, it is certain that the YouTuber will be earning some significant cash through her makeup line. 

Moving on to her property, there is not much information about her cars and houses. However, she does spend thousands of dollars to make quality content and purchase the latest makeup released.

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Apart from these, she has also spent thousands of dollars in plastic surgery which include Veneers, tummy tuck (liposuction), and breast augmentation.  

Christen Dominique career and awards

Before this fame and glitz and glamour, Christen was just a person very passionate about makeup. It was not until February of 2009, she decided to create a YouTube channel and keep her friends updated about fashion and makeup. The first video she uploaded was 'How to create fuller lips.' It has already been eight years since she uploaded the video. 

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With time, the quality of her video started getting better, and she began accumulating more and more subscribers. Let's not forget her incredible talent for creating the most flawless makeup looks. She has also made some videos in which she re-creates celebrity makeup alike Katy Perry, Kylie Jenner, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Ariana Grande and many others. 

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With time, her channel grew and now, she has more than 3.5 million subscribers. And also she now has her very own makeup line Christen Dominique Cosmetics which we have mentioned above. Her makeup line is doing amazing. 


I'm bringing one of my ultimate lifetime goals other than happiness and health to life! You guys, this is the official sneak peek of my makeup line Dominique Cosmetics I've been working on this for so long, pouring my heart, soul and sweat into this palette! It's been so hard to keep this a secret since I've spent most of my days working on the formula, color and palette design. I've never collaborated on any other makeup lines so doing this line and building it all by myself is such an amazing self accomplishment. I wanted to give you a piece of my happiness and heart and this is truly my gift to you! Please follow @dominiquecosmetics for updates, more sneak peeks and reveals!! There is so much more to come and I'm so happy to bring you along my journey. #christendominque #dominiquecosmetics #lattepalette

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Taking about her achievements, her YouTube channel reaching a massive 3.5 million subscribers is a big achievement on its own, and she indeed was awarded a Silver and Gold Play Button which YouTube honors a YouTube creators after surpassing 100,000 and 1 million subscribers respectively.

Moreover, in 2017. she was named among Top Influencers in Social Media under the category Beauty by Forbes Magazine