How much is Chef Andrew Zimmern’s Net Worth? Find out his sources of Income and Career

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Andrew Zimmern is an American TV personality, chef, food writer, and teacher who enjoys his work a lot and who has engaged in these field for more than seventeen years.

The versatile Andrew is very passionate and hard working, which helped him gain a lot of money making him one of the successful chefs. Well, Andrew must be on cloud nine right now, but it all didn't come easy. Let's quickly jump into the real issue and find out his earnings right here.

Andrew Zimmern Net Worth

Andrew's net worth represents a huge figure. As the versatile media personality is engaged in many sectors, he sure receives money from different departments. So, how much is his net worth?

It's estimated to be somewhere around $8 million.  

Andrew Zimmern tends to spend more of his income on typical food of different regions

Andrew Zimmern tends to spend more of his income on typical food of different regions 

Source: The Richest 

Andrew runs a superhit show named ‘Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern’ from which he earns a good amount of income that helps him to boost his total net worth.

Guess how much money he makes per episode? $35,000 per episode is the estimation. Wow!! Quite a big chunk of money.

Andrew's sources of income; Also his Lavish mansion and luxury car 

Andrew Zimmern is considered as one of the richest chefs in the entire USA. Want to know the sources of income responsible for making him one of the richest chef?

The very first source of income is his television show and all other appearances that he makes on TV. Second is his excellent books; he is a great writer for food content. He also gets invited to a number of top-notch ceremonies and shows, which is his third source of revenue.

He is also the host of another show called "Dining with Death" which provides you with information about foods that could cause death. Just imagine how does Andrew happen to manage his time to keep his feet on every sector with perfection?

Andrew is really fond of driving and stuff and likes to spend his money on cars and technologies. He owns some of the really expensive cars. He owns 2 BMWs, an SUV X5, a Sedan; and a Lamborghini to mention a few.

Andrew and his 

passion for exotic cars

Andrew and his collection of exotic cars 

Source: motor trends

Want to see more pictures? Here you go. 

Andrew in his favorite room of his home

Andrew in his favorite room of his home; the kitchen