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Home Gossip How much is charlie sheen net worth in 2018? Know about his career and awards

How much is charlie sheen net worth in 2018? Know about his career and awards

Dilip Adhikari Tue Feb, 2017
How much is charlie sheen net worth in 2018? Know about his career and awards

Carlos Irwin Esteves, recognized as Charlie Sheen from television and movie  Two and Half Man and Platoon respectively, was born on September 3rd, 1965 to the Emmy Award winner Martin Sheen and Janet Templeton. In the Sheen family, not just Charlie and Martin are into acting but Charlie's older brothers Emilio and Ramon along with his younger sister Renee are also working in the movies.

Even though Charlie's brothers and sister are into acting, Charlie is seen to be more successful among all of them in the film industry but not so successful in his personal life since Sheen has been married three times; first to Donna Peele (1995-1996), then to actress Denise Richards (2002-2006) and most recently to Brooke Mueller (2008-2011). Sheen also has five children, the first a daughter with his former high school girlfriend, and one granddaughter as well and is now divorced.

The bad boy does not just have a messed up love life but he has been to prison and is rumored to be HIV positive. Charlie has a drug problem and alcohol problem from which he has been to rehab too. Now let's find out this bad boy's net worth and career.

Charlie Sheen Net Worth in 2018

As of 2015, the star of "Two and Half Man" has an estimated net worth which revolves somewhere between the figure of $ 120 million to $150 million. However, within just two years of duration, there has been a drastic change in his net worth. As of 2017, Charlie Seen was worth $20 million.

You, all must be surprised by such a drastic change in his net worth, though it seems to be true.

Most of the fortune of Charlie's net worth is collected from his acting career but he is not only into acting, he is also a movie producer. Even after spending $ 10 million to keep his HIV undercover along with his alcohol and drug problem he has managed to keep this net worth in millions of dollars.

Charlie Sheen the man

Charlie Sheen


This bad boy superstar could earn another $ 200 million for the sitcom, Anger Management but he has a bad spending habit. Let's see his earning through a table.

 Net Worth as of 2015  $ 150 million
 Amount paid to cover HIV  $ 10 million
 Amount for mansions  $ 18.3 million
 Amount for each episode of two and half man  $ 1.25  million ($1.8 for final season)
 Amount from 2008-2013  $ 131 million
  Anger management  $ 200 million (reportedly)

That's his reported net worth in 2017. Moving on to Charlie's net worth in 2018,, reports that the Two and a Half Men alum is worth $121 million.

Video: Charlie Seen' New Worth in 2018

Now let's find about his career and awards.

Before that check out his tweet wishing everyone valentine.

Charlie Sheen Career

Charlie Sheen started his career in 1984 from the movie Red Dawan along with Patrick Swayze, C. Thomas, Howell, Lea Thompson and Jennifer Grey. With the start of his career in the movie industry, he did 11 movies in between 1984 to 1986. But he got the boost in the career when Charlie appeared in the movie Platoon as a young soldier which bagged 4 Oscar awards including Best Picture award.

Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen


Charlie was also seen in the movies like Wall Street as the ruthless protégé Bud Fox, Eight Men Out and Navy SEALS as well as in The Rookie. In the year 1993, he gave a surprising performance in the movie Topper Harley a sequel of "Hot Shots Part Deux."

Now check out a video of Charlie


At the late 90s, he started a production company with Brett Michaels and they both did a movie No Code of Conduct after that he appeared in the movie Rated X (2000) with his brother, the movie was based on the life of adult industry. Not just that Charlie also appeared in the comedy-horror movie Scary Movie 3.

Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen

Source: film web .com

With all those, movies in his hand he also starred in the Television series of CBS Two and Half Man as beleaguered Bachelor Charlie Harper, if you ask us then we would say that in the sitcom Charlie has played his own life. Charlie was paid $ 1.25 million per episode making him the most paid television actor.

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