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Home Gossip How Much is American YouTuber, Casey Neistat Net Worth? His Source of Income, Career Struggles

How Much is American YouTuber, Casey Neistat Net Worth? His Source of Income, Career Struggles

Sabina Gartaula Mon Nov, 2017
How Much is American YouTuber, Casey Neistat Net Worth? His Source of Income, Career Struggles

Among the handful of people who have been able to make an extensive career through YouTube, Casey Neistat is a YouTube personality and the co-founder Beme, a multimedia company. Casey who has more than 8 million subscribers on his channel is best known for uploading different vlogs especially travel vlogs on his channel. 

Public figure Casey has 2.8 million followers on his official Instagram page and 1.57 million followers on his Twitter. Other than YouTube, he also works as a director, producer and an actor. 



great city for running

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Here let's talk about how much Casey is worth and about his earnings. 

What is the net worth of YouTuber Casey Neistat?

The 36-year-old Casey is said to have an estimated net worth of $12 Million. He certainly is one of the most successful YouTube personalities, and he started his YouTube channel on 17th Feb of 2010. His first video on YouTube was about the right time to use the emergency brake cords on a train. The video is very educational and unlike what his videos are about now. 

According to Socialblade, Casey's monthly YouTube earning is estimated $14.1 thousand to $225.4 thousand. Meanwhile, his yearly YouTube income has been estimated to be around $169.1 thousand to $2.7 million. 



thanks @popularmechanics ! such an honor.

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The YouTuber is living a lavish and happy life right now. However, situations were not the same before. He and his son were living at his mother's house in Trailor Park. He lived there until he was 20 and in 2001, he moved to New York City. 

Before his career on YouTube, he worked on movies about sculptures with his brother and later he started his own short film titled iPod's Dirty Secret. Despite all the struggles, currently, he is one of the most successful YouTubers in the industry. 

Casey denied his net worth. Casey's endorsements, sponsors. 

Despite all the reports claiming that Casey has a net worth of $12 Million, Casey openly claimed on Twitter that his net worth is not the amount as claimed and also shared a snap of his earning throughout the week. 

Nonetheless, it can be assured that the YouTuber is quite wealthy as his lifestyle is quite lavish as seen in his vlogs. 

Apart from YouTube earnings, Casey is also a producer, director, and actor, and works on numerous projects which certainly pays him a handsome sum of money along with companies who sponsor his YouTube videos. His 2010 TV show The Neistat Brothers which he wrote, directed, produced and acted was purchased by HBO for $2 million.  Meanwhile, his company Beme also is a good source of his income. 

As a director, he has worked for high-end brands like Samsung, Nike, Google, Mercedes-Benz, etc. These companies surely pay the 36-year-old a good sum. 



made the leap from Canon to Sony. so far pretty impressed

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Meanwhile, the YouTuber loves to splurge on traveling all over the world which can be seen on his YouTube channel. He also owns an apartment in New York, along with other houses in different parts of the world as he travels a lot. He also splurges on items like camera, costing $3 thousand and others to make his content on YouTube better.