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Home Gossip How Much is Abby Huntsman net worth? Know about her Career, Awards And Source Of Income

How Much is Abby Huntsman net worth? Know about her Career, Awards And Source Of Income

Smriti Rai Wed Jun, 2017
How Much is Abby Huntsman net worth? Know about her Career, Awards And Source Of Income

Abby Huntsman is a general assignment reporter for Fox News Channel. She currently co-hosts Fox & Friends Weekend. She was previously a political commentator and co-host on The Cycle which aired on MSNBC. She is the daughter of Former Utah Governor Jon Huntsman Jr. and Mary Kaye Huntsman.

Abby Huntsman has established her name as an outstanding reporter in the field of journalism. Her magnificent works have caught the attention of millions. Besides, her successful career has often left people wondering about her income and net worth. Thus today we are going to reveal to you all about his net worth and source of income.

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Abby Huntsman's net worth

Abby who is currently working at the FOX network started her career as a professional at an early age of 16 working behind the scenes at Good Morning America.

She also worked as a political commentator for ABC News and held a position at the international public relations firm Burson-Marsteller.

 Abby Huntsman a general assignment reporter for Fox News Channel

 Abby Huntsman a general assignment reporter for Fox News Channel


Huntsman also hosted a renowned show The Cycle as a replacement to the former host Ari Melber. Moreover, she is also a producer of MSNBC for the program HuffPost Live.

Abby also appears as a guest on the world famous channel CNN. Currently, she is working as a general assignment reporter in FOX News channel.



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Huntsman has worked in several channels and has hosted numerous programs. She surely earns a lot and her salary is undoubtedly in 5 digit figures.

According to the report of, Abby holds a total net worth of $20 million.

Well, let's know more about her career!

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Know Abby Huntsman's career in detail

Abby who grew up in the family with a political background with her father being the Governer of Utah always had an interest in the politics. She pursued her passion as an intern for Diane Sawyer from the University of Pennsylvania.

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Well, Diane is an American television journalist who has been the anchor of ABC News's nightly flagship program ABC World News, and also the co-anchor of ABC News's morning news program Good Morning America and Primetime newsmagazine.



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Abby began her professional career working behind the scenes at the show Good Morning America. This tryout helped Abby learn a lot about the journalism field.

Her family background in politics also benefited Abby in numerous ways to achieve her aim. In 2012, during and after her father's presidential campaign in Washington D.C. she performed as a political commentator on ABC News.

In the same year, she got profiled in ABC News's 'Five Questions', a part of This Week with George Stephanopoulos. For her success and achievement, she was later interviewed on Rock Center by Brian Williams.



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She also got enlisted as number 26 on the Forbes 30 under 30 lists of up and coming members of the media in 2013. She joined MSNBC channel and became the host as well as the producer for HuffPost Live show.

Abby is currently involved at FOX News Channel working as a general assignment reporter.

Check out one of Abby's interviews on the FOX News channel!

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We would like to congrats Abby from the bottom of our heart and wish her all the luck for more success in the future.