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Home Gossip How much do Gloria Borger earn as a Political Pundit; Know her Net Worth, Salary and Career

How much do Gloria Borger earn as a Political Pundit; Know her Net Worth, Salary and Career

Mahammad Arsad shekh Tue May, 2017
How much do Gloria Borger earn as a Political Pundit; Know her Net Worth, Salary and Career

Gloria Borger is one of the most renowned television personalities having versatile professions. She is a political analyst,  journalist, news anchor as well as a presenter. She also works as an established editor and columnist for CNN.

Nowadays, this famous face in television has created a wide attention regarding her professional career. Also, people are more curious about her net worth, salary, and source of income of this widely known television personality.

So, let's find out all her professional details. Stay with us.

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Television presenter Gloria Borger Career, Net Worth and Salary

Gloria Borger's early life is a mystery. How she began her career is still in a closed box. However, some sources say that she began her career from CNBC’s Capital Report as a co-anchor. She then appeared on CBS’s Face the Nation program.

In the 1970s, Gloria had covered the stories about the Three Mile Island event after which she rose to fame. After that, she worked as an editor and columnist at US News and World Report Magazine.

Journalist Gloria Borger

Journalist Gloria Borger Source: Frostsnow

After a long journey, Gloria has currently been working for CNN News since 2005. She is a chief political analyst for CNN and appears regularly on the show The Situation Room alongside Wolf Blitzer. This millionaire Political Pundit was once scrutinized in an ongoing saga too.

She has played a very decisive role in the CNN Network's Daily coverage, reporting on a variety of political and breaking news stories; like 2016 presidential election, 2014 midterm election.

Gloria Borger at CNN News Source: Frostsnow

As being a chief political analyst for CNN, Gloria has interviewed various political personalities such as Vice President Joe Biden the day before the 2014 midterm election, former Defense Secretary Leon Panetta, 2012 Presidential nominee Mitt Romney and of some other high profile political personalities.

Here's a video of Gloria Borger in which she talks about the worth of Donald Trump. Check it out.

She also posts the news updates on her social media account like Twitter. Have a look at one of them.

Through her career, she has won several awards; a National Headliners Award for her 2013 program Marriage Warriors: Showdown at the Supreme Court, Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Live Coverage for CNN's 2012 US Election night coverage, CNN's Peabody Award-winning coverage of the 2008 Presidential Primary campaigns and debates.

Prime time Emmy award winning journalist Gloria Borger

Primetime Emmy award-winning journalist Gloria Borger Source: Frostsnow

With her talent and hard work, this beautiful television presenter has successfully earned herself a lavish lifestyle. Even though her exact salary is not yet revealed, it's estimated to be no less than a million dollar per annum.

Also, if we talk about the net worth of this highly demanded journalist, her total net worth is estimated at $3 million dollars, which is very high for any regular television presenter.

Let's wish this high profiled television personality all the very best for her future, and we hope she gets success in each and every turn of her career. For more updates, stay tuned with Frostsnow.