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Home Gossip The Man In Lexy Panterra's Life: Also Know About Her Short-lived Past Relationships

The Man In Lexy Panterra's Life: Also Know About Her Short-lived Past Relationships

Anjali Limbu Lawati Sun May, 2018
The Man In Lexy Panterra's Life: Also Know About Her Short-lived Past Relationships

Lexy Panterra is an internet sensation celebrated for her twerking videos on her YouTube channel. She is also popularly known as a twerking queen. She is a dancer, actress, singer, songwriter, social media personality, and Youtuber.

Lexy Panterra was nicknamed as 'Lex Luther' by her father at the age of 2 for her ability to manipulate people around her to get what she wanted. 28-year-old Lexy does not have that many men in her life apart from her father and two siblings. So far, she has been romantically linked up with three men.

Lexy Panterra's Affair With Nev Schulman 

In 2015, there was a budding rumor about a romantic relationship between the twerk queen Lexy Panterra and the MTV’s Catfish host Nev Schulman.

It was highly speculated that the two of them were secretly dating each other. It was the first time Lexi was ever linked with anyone romantically.

CAPTION: Twerk Queen Lexy Panterra

The alleged relationship between the duo created a huge buzz, however, none of them ever addressed their relationship.  

The rumor fizzled out when the Catfish star was seen with Laura Perlongo continuously at the end of 2015. Nev Schulman and Laura Perlongo got married on 22nd Jul 2017

New Couple: Gregg Sulkin and Lexy Panterra

Meanwhile, when Lexy's alleged boyfriend Nev Schulman was engaged with Laura Perlongo, Lexy Panterra was seen with Gregg Sulkin. Sulkin is an English actor. Prior to Lexy, he was engaged to Bella Throne.

CAPTION: Lexy Panterra with Gregg Sulkin
SOURCE: SuperbHub

After their broken engagement, English hunk moved to find solace in the beautiful Lexy whereas Bella was seen with Scott Disick. The new couple was seen together around August 2017.

Lexy was even accused of stealing her girlfriend's man because Lexy and Bella have worked together before. But Lexy's closet sources said that they were only Hollywood Friends and that Lexy dating Gregg should not be a big deal.

New Man in Lexy Panterra's Life: Chase McQueen

The love relationship between English man and an American woman was very short lived. It was just after a couple of initial meetings, Lexy moved on to another guy. The new guy was Chase McQueen, who is also the grandson of Steve McQueen.

He is also the son of Chad McQueen, who starred as Dutch in The Karate Kid.

CAPTION: Racer Scott Champion, Lexy Panterra, and her beau Chad McQueen

22-year-old Chase is 6 years junior to Lexi and is also a soccer player. Lexy has posted of herself kissing her new beau Chase McQueen in her Instagram account captioning it 'My Prince Charming'.

We can certainly hope that their relationship works out after it has already been approved with thousands of likes from her fans all over the world.