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Home Gossip How Is Sarah Spain's Marital Relationship With Husband Brad Zibung? All About Their Love Life

How Is Sarah Spain's Marital Relationship With Husband Brad Zibung? All About Their Love Life

Sabina Gartaula Tue Feb, 2018
How Is Sarah Spain's Marital Relationship With Husband Brad Zibung? All About Their Love Life

Brad Zibung is a real estate agent born in American, who is based with @properties. He is also the founder of The Heckler, a satirical newspaper and is best known for his marital relationship with wife Sarah Spain, an ESPN news anchor.

Sarah Spain and her husband Brad Zibung have been quite happy with their love life, and there have been no rumors of them getting divorced. the article deals with the marital relationship between Sarah and her husband Brad Zibung.

Brad Zibung married to wife Sarah Spain. Do they have any children?

Born in 1976 in the United States, Brad Zibung is a billionaire and has an estimated net worth of $1.5 billion. Unlike his wife, who is always on TV, Brad has a very private life, and very little is known about it. 

The graduate from the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh, Brad Zi bung previously worked for UW Oshkosh as a PR Assistant, and currently, he is one of the most successful real estate agents. 


Mt San Jacinto Mountains & Palm Springs Aerial Tramway 

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As mentioned above, Brad Zibung is currently married to ESPN news anchor Sarah Spain, and here we are going to share with you some information about his married life, and past affairs. 

Brad Zibung started dating anchor Sarah Spain back in 2009. According to sources, they met in 2008 during a charity bowling event. A year later, they started dating and dated for almost seven years.

After seven years, the couple got married on 29th May 2016. Brad Zibung popped the question to Sarah Spain during their getaway in Tanzania, and the apparent answer from Spain's side was yes.  After they got married on the date, the couple went on a Honeymoon trip to Australia and New Zealand. 

CAPTION: Sarah Spain and husband Brad Zibung
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Sarah Spain and Brad Zibung's children

It has been almost two years since the couple started dating, but they do not have any children together. They certainly seem to be enjoying their marital relationship without the hassle of parenthood. 

Watch Brad's wife Sarah on ESPN

Moreover, there have been no rumors about the couple splitting or getting a divorce. They are in a very healthy marital relationship, and Brad can also be seen making very frequent appearances on Sarah Spain's official Instagram page. 

Brad Zibung's past relationships

We have already mentioned that Brad Zibung is a very confidential person and not much is known about her personal life. Likewise, the details about her relationships before he met Sarah Spain are unknown. 

Moreover, he is a one woman man, and he has not gotten in any marital relationship previously. Brad Zibung also does not have any children with other women. Moreover, during their first anniversary, the man took his gorgeous wife, Sarah Spain to Paris for a good time. 


Here we come, Paris!  #ThisAnniversaryIsBS 

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Nonetheless, we wish that Sarah Spain, who has an amazing career and net worth, and her husband Brad Zibung does well not only in their marital relationship but also in their professional life.

We will be back soon with more updates about their love life.