How Is Naomi Odenkirk's Relationship With Her Husband Bob Odenkirk? Also Know About Her Children

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    Naomi Susan Yomtov, a.k.a. Naomi Odenkirk, is the wife of actor, writer, comedian, producer, and director based in the United States, Robert John Odenkirk, professionally known as Bob Odenkirk. Naomi rose to fame after she tied the knot with her A-lister husband. It has been almost 21 years since they got married. 

    Bob was born on 22nd October 1962 and is 55-years-old now. He has an estimated net worth of $10 million and has appeared in some popular TV shows and films like Breaking Bad starring Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul, The Disaster Artist featuring James FrancoDave Franco, and many others. 

    Naomi Odenkirk with husband Bob Odenkirk

    Naomi Odenkirk with husband Bob Odenkirk

    Source: NY Daily News

    Here, we are going to share some information about Naomi's marital relationship with her husband Bob Odenkirk and their children. 

    Naomi Odenkirk married to husband Bob Odenkirk 

    Naomi first saw her future husband Bob Odenkirk back in 1994. At the time, he was performing stand-up comedy in California's UnCabaret and instantly fell in love with him. Right after she first laid her eyes on him, she knew that he was the one and walked around talking about her crush on him with anyone who listened to her. 

    During an interview with Playboy, she shared that many people offered to introduce her to Bob but she denied as she did not want to force it. She knew right off the bat that she wanted to marry the man but since she was very career oriented, she was in a denial about her love for him. 

    She met the actor a year and a half later after she bumped into him from nowhere. Adding salt to the wound, Bib was not interested in her at all and started on the floor which she was talking.

    However,  during their following meets, they really hit it off and Naomi herself was shocked. She said to Playboy:

    He had no idea who I was, or that I had been to all his shows and that I knew all these other people around him. I don’t know why he finally noticed me. It’s not like I suddenly became his type. I still don’t think I’m his type, but we got along great.

    Nonetheless, the couple got married to each other in 1997 and have been together ever since. It has been 21 years since they tied the knot and to date, there have been no rumors about them splitting or getting a divorce. 

    Naomi Odenkirk and Bob Odenkirk children

    Just a year after getting married Naomi and Bob welcomed their first child into the world on 3rd December 1998. His name is Nathan Odenkirk and is currently 20 years old. 

    Naomi Odenkirk with husband Bob Odenkirk and children

    Naomi Odenkirk with husband Bob Odenkirk and children

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    Likewise, after 2 years, they again had their second child Erin Odenkirk on 24th November 2000. She is now 17-years-old.