How Is Birgit Wetzinger's Married Life With Her Husband Niki Lauda At Present? Children & Family

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Formula One spews many names into the racing industry. But among them, only a handful become household names. Even fewer become legends. Among these legends stands Niki Lauda, a three-time F1 World Drivers' Champion who has engraved his name in racing history with golden letters by being the only driver who has been the champion for Ferrari and McLaren. 

In his life's lowest, the racing phenomenon was saved by a flight attendant Birgit Wetzinger, who became the color to his canvas. Both soon exchanged wedding rings and live a life full of harmony at present.

Story Behind Birgit and Niki Lauda

Back in 2005, the kidney donated to him by his brother failed. With his life on the line now, Birgit heroically offered her kidney to her. Much to Niki's shock, Birgit made up her mind to donate the kidney. The kidney transplant took place and his life was saved.

Birgit Wetzinger and Niki Laude at Golden Globe Awards

Niki Lauda and wife At The 71st Golden Globe Awards
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They had been dating for eight months when the calamity burst upon them. She was an employee of his airlines. Lauda had vowed never to marry another woman ever again until he saw his love for her. The two got married in 2008 and even extended his family, having adorable twins together.

Niki Lauda Before Birgit: His Previous Marriage

Before Birgit Wetzinger came into his life, there was a chapter that involved Marlene Knaus. Lauda and Knaus got married in 1976. After 15 years of togetherness, they switched their lanes and got divorced in 1991.

The F1 racer like to keep the details of his private life a secret. It is said that Niki was in an eight-year-long relationship before breaking up with her to be with Marlene.

Marlene Knaus and Niki Laude

Niki Laude and Marlene Knaus
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Lauda has two children with his first wife Mathias, a racing driver himself and Lucas, who acts like Mathias' manager. He also has a son named Christoph, through an out-of-marriage relationship. 

Birgit, Husband, and Family: Life At Present

Birgit Wetzinger, after the incident, married Niki Lauda after four years of dating. There wedding took place in 2008 which reportedly lasted for four minutes.

The couple is unusual, yes, but their bond is stronger than many young couples out there. 30 years younger than her husband, Birgit loves her husband dearly. The couple fathered the twins at the age of 60.

Niki Lauda and Birgit Wetzonger

Birgit and Niki at an Event
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Niki Lauda attends several events with his wife. There were rumors saying that the couple was about to split but he debunked this rumor. Being born in 2009, their kids are eight years old. He is in good terms with his three kids. He likes to attend events like Chinese and Russian Grand Pix.


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Birgit Wetzinger and Niki Lauda seem to have found peace in each others' arms after their struggle with life. Considering what they have been through, the life they have now is well deserved.

Quick facts about Niki Lauda:

Who is Niki Lauda's first wife?

Niki Lauda's first wife is Marlene Knaus.

When did Niki Lauda and Marlene Knaus get married?

Niki Lauda and Marlene Knaus got married in 1976.

When did Niki Lauda and Marlene Knaus get divorced?

Marlene Knaus and Niki Lauda got divorced in 1991.

Who is Niki Lauda's second wife?

Niki Lauda's second wife is Birgit Wetzinger.

When did Niki Lauda and Birgit Wetzinger get married?

Birgit Wetzinger and Niki Lauda got married in 2008.