How Is Actor Steve Carell's Relationship With Wife Nancy Carell? Their Married Life And Children

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With an estimated net worth of $50 million, Steve Carell is an actor, comedian, producer, director, and writer best known for his signature style of playing various characters. Apart from his successful acting career, he is also widely known for his marital relationship with wife Nancy Carell, an actress, and comedian. 

The pair has an age difference of just four years, and they had a bizarre initial relationship. Married for the past 23 years, they also have two children. 

Stay tuned if you are a big fan of the couple cause we are going to share some detailed information about their marital life, children and much more. 

Steve Carell is married to wife Nancy Carell. Know more about their more than two-decade-long marriage 

Steve and Nancy met very long ago, and their first meeting was very awkward. When they first met, Steve was an improv teacher at Second City in Chicago, where Nancy was taking classes. 

Steve Carell and wife Nancy Carell

Steve Carell and wife Nancy Carell

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During an interview on Ellen Degeneres' show, Steve revealed that they both had feelings for each other, but they were shy to approach.

Watch Steve talk about his first date on The Ellen Show.

However, soon enough, Steve collected himself and asked her out. They soon started dating in 1995, and things turned serious in no time. 

Not long after they started dating, the pair tied the knot on 5th August 1995. The details about where their wedding took place are unknown, but they definitely are the one made for each other. 

Steve Carell with wife Nancy Carell

Steve Carell with wife Nancy Carell

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They have worked together on several projects like The Office, Saturday Night Live and many others.

Moreover, it has been more than two decades since they got married and the spark between them seems to be better than ever.

Watch an interview with Mr. and Mrs. Carell.

They have appeared together in numerous interviews, and they have openly joked about their marriage and have shared some tips about their balanced marital life. 

Steve Carell and Nancy Carell's children and divorce rumors. 

Steve and Nancy have two children together. Their first child, a daughter, Elizabeth Anne was born on 25th May 2001. She is currently 16-years-old.

Likewise, their second child, a son John Carell, was born in 2004, three years after the birth of their first child. John is currently 14-years-old. According to sources, the family of four is currently residing in their LA mansion. 

Steve Carell and Nancy Carell with their children

Steve Carell and Nancy Carell with their children

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Moving on from their happy life, let's talk about their divorce rumors. Shockingly, there are no rumors about the Hollywood couple splitting or getting a divorce which is fascinating.

Steve Carell and Nancy Carell with their children

Steve Carell and Nancy Carell with their children

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The fact that they have been married for the past 23 years and still are together despite being a Hollywood couple is mind-boggling. In Hollywood, it is ubiquitous for marriage to last just a year or so, and their relationship is the one that has proved all the stereotypes wrong.