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Home Gossip Why Did American TV Personality Christine Chubbuck Commit Suicide? Real Reason Behind Her Suicide

Why Did American TV Personality Christine Chubbuck Commit Suicide? Real Reason Behind Her Suicide

Sabina Gartaula Sun Jul, 2018
Why Did American TV Personality Christine Chubbuck Commit Suicide? Real Reason Behind Her Suicide

Late TV news reporter Christine Chubbuck was a born in the United States. Known as the first person to have committed suicide on live TV, Chubbuck passed away on 15th July 1974 by gunshot. 

She was born on 24th August 1944 and was just 29-years-old when she committed suicide. Likewise, as a TV reporter, she was best known for reporting on WTOG and WXLT-TV.

Here, we are going to talk about Christine Chubbuck's unfortunate death and her severe case of depression. 

Christine Chubbuck Death: Suicide By Gunshot on Live Television

Christine Chubbuck convinced her co-workers on the morning of 15th July 1974 that she was opening Suncoast Digest by reading a newscast. She had not done this before, but she sat at the news's anchor's desk and covered three national news stories during the first eight minutes. 

CAPTION: Christine Chubbuck SOURCE: The Telegraph

Following the report of a shooting story which took place the previous day, she looked at the camera and said: 

In keeping with Channel 40's policy of bringing you the latest in 'blood and guts,' and in living color, you are going to see another first—attempted suicide

She then pulled out her revolver and shot herself. She fell violently, and the broadcast was soon faded to black. As she made such a violent move, many viewers from home called the police to inform them about the information while others called to know if it happened. 

Moreover, after the incident, she was soon rushed to Sarasota Memorial Hospital and was in a very critical condition. She was declared dead after 14 hours at the hospital. 

Watch a video dedicated to Christine Chubbuck. 

Likewise, after the incident, WXLT aired Gentle Ben, a TV series starring Dennis Weaver, Clint HowardBeth Brickell, and Rance Howard for the first time instead of Suncoast Digest. 

Moreover, after she was pronounced dead, she was cremated, and her funeral ceremony took place on a beach. Her ashes were poured into the Gulf of Mexico, and according to sources, the ceremony was attended by over 120 well-wishers and these people also included local officials who had appeared on her show before.

Christine Chubbuck Was Depressed 

Chubbuck was fighting depressions for a very long time and had suicidal tendencies. Her family was aware of it, but her mother did not aware the station about it because she feared that her daughter would get tired. 

Moreover, before she pulled the last trigger, she had attempted suicide in 1970 by overdosing on drugs and also was seeing a psychiatrist before her death. 

The driving force of her depression was that she was highly concerned about her lack of relationship. With her 30th birthday approaching, she was still a virgin and has never dated more than two men in her lifetime. 

CAPTION: Christine Chubbuck SOURCE:

She had been in two serious relationships previously. Her first one was when she was a teenager, but she lost him in a car accident. 

Likewise, she started dating other man but had to break up with him because he was a Jewish and her bigoted father forced her to break up with him for the same reason.

Moreover, a year before she called it quits in her life, she had her right ovary removed during surgery and was told that she would not be able to get pregnant after two to three years which added more stress in her already stressful life. 

Her brother also revealed that she showed signs of bipolar disorder. 

Nonetheless, it was indeed an unfortunate incident, and the tape of her shooting herself on life TV has been concealed so that no one would be able to leak it in the future. 

Watch the trailer for movie Christine.

Meanwhile, there are two documentary movies titled Christine and Kate Plays Christine made behind her story. Some of the actors starring in the movies include Rebecca HallMichael C. HallKate Lyn SheilMichael Ray Davis, and many others.