Houston Man Arrested For Killing a SUV Owner, 68, During Repossession

Updated On 05 May, 2019 Published On

A Houston man, namely Oscar Lee Harrison Jr., 33, has been arrested for allegedly killing a man trying to prevent the repossession of his vehicle, authorities have confirmed.

Houston police said that the 33-year-old tow truck driver killed Alberto Nduli, 68, the owner of an SUV, during a confrontation on Thursday, May 2.

According to a KPRC-TV report, a spokesperson for the Houston Police Department, Cmdr. Kevin Deese, said,

The owner came out and tried to prevent him from taking that vehicle, he jumped on top of it, the wrecker continued down the street.

The news station reported that Alberto fell and struck his head.

Police called the 33-year-old back to the scene and taken him into custody for failure to stop and render aid.

Prosecutor Sean Teare said,

(The tow truck driver) didn’t ensure that this person was going to get the proper aid. He simply took the car and dropped it off, and that’s unacceptable.

Alberto, who was a refugee from the Democratic Republic of Congo, had been working as a security guard and had 7 kids and many grandchildren.

His wife told Fox 26 Houston that she is not angry but just in shock.

It's unknown what charges Oscar has been facing or if he is on bond. The investigation has been undergoing.

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