Houseguest, Megan Lowder Exits before live evictions on big brother season 19

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One of the celebrity guests, 28 years old, Megan Lowder was missing from the Big Brother's Thursday live evictions.

And coming Sunday's episode is going to be all about why Lowder walked out before the evictions. We already have a teaser!

Megan Lowder

Image: Megan Lowder

Source: THR

On Sunday's episode, the predicted winner locks herself up in the 'diary room' and self-evicts herself. There Lowder says:

"I just wish it wasn't personal Josh attacked me, now Cody's attacking me. I feel like everyone's attacking me. I just don't know if I can handle it." 

video: Megan in Big Brother

Later, speaking to the interviewers she said her decision of self-eviction was because of her PTSD but the statement completely differs from that of the production teams as she had never before mentioned PTSD in the show previously.??
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Alison Gronder, the executive producer of the show considered Lowder as one of the finalists but now that she has left the show, waiting is the key here.