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Home Gossip Hot NBC anchor Katy Tur Called by Trump to cover the Trump campaign,Contributor on Twitter

Hot NBC anchor Katy Tur Called by Trump to cover the Trump campaign,Contributor on Twitter

Ashmita Karki Mon Mar, 2017
Hot NBC anchor Katy Tur Called by Trump to cover the Trump campaign,Contributor on Twitter

American journalist Katy Tur is a perfect combination of beauty with brains. She covered the Trump campaign for MSNBC and NBC News during the election phase. Her relationship with president Mr. Donald Trump got quite bitter due to her Twitter posts.

Tur is a renowned anchor of NBC News’ all platform. She hosts shows such as ‘Early Today’, ‘Today’, ‘Meet the Press’, ‘NBC Nightly News’, ‘WNBC-TV’, ‘MSNBC’, and ‘The Weather Channel’. So what went wrong between the hot NBC reporter and The President of the United States? Let’s find out.

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Katy Tur and Donald Trump's Twitter war

During the Trump’s presidential campaign phase, Trump covered the campaign for MSNBC and NBC News. When Mr. Trump was delivering a speech in Raleigh, North Carolina, he got many protestors. Tur, who was present there, counted the number of the protestors and tweeted: ‘Now 10’

?Image: Katy Tur

Image: Katy Tur

Source: Zim bio

To Tur’s such Tweet, Mr. Trump tweeted: "@KatyTurNBC & @DebSopan [sic] should be fired for dishonest reporting. @KatyTurNBC, 3rd rate reporter & @SopanDeb @CBS lied."

?Image: Katy Tur and Donald Trump

Image: Katy Tur and President of The United States Donald Trump

Source: NBC News

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When Mr. Trump announced his run for the GOP nomination, Tur was in London. She had just come to NY for some work purpose. That is when NBC proposed Tur to cover the Trump’s campaign.

Katy Tur stumbled while interviewing Donald Trump

Tur was really against Trump’s idea of labeling Mexican immigrants as ‘rapists’ and ‘criminals’. She also got the opportunity to interview Mr. Trump while she was covering the campaign.

Tur was really nervous as she wasn’t a political reporter and didn’t have many ideas about Mr. Trump. The interview lasted for 29 minutes. But, Trump gave negative opinions to Tur. Trump accused Tur of being naïve, clueless and even shamed her when she stumbled.

Watch Katy Tur interviewing Donald Trump:

Just after the cameras went down, Trump told Tur:

"You couldn't do this. You stumbled three times.

Tur replied:

"It doesn't matter if I stumble. I'm not running for president."

Katy Tur's career in short

Tur is a very hard-working reporter who has been working with NBC News since 2009. She has also worked for other news channels such as WPIX-TV, KTLA, HD News/Cablevision, News 12 Brooklyn, VORTEX2 before joining NBC.

Image: Katy Tur

Image: Katy Tur

Source: Pinterest

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While in NBC, she got the opportunity to cover the presidential campaign when she didn’t even have a slight idea that Trump had run for the election. However, she did her job well. We hope Tur gets to cover such big incidents in coming days and finds more success ahead.