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Home Gossip Hot As Hell, ESPN Reporter Kaylee Hartung Busy Career, No Time To Get Married, Dating A Boyfriend?

Hot As Hell, ESPN Reporter Kaylee Hartung Busy Career, No Time To Get Married, Dating A Boyfriend?

Dilip Adhikari Fri Mar, 2017
Hot As Hell, ESPN Reporter Kaylee Hartung Busy Career, No Time To Get Married, Dating A Boyfriend?

Kaylee Hartung is the young and beautiful anchor who has been working in ESPN but a recent news is that she is moving to CNN soon. Here, we will be talking about this hot anchor's love life and we will also make you clear about her rumor with Tim Tebow.

Before we talk about Kaylee's love life let's first get to know her career.

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Kaylee Hartung Career

If we talk about the career of this talented and beautiful lady Kaylee Hartung, then she started her career from the CBS News and she spent five years of her career in the Washinton Bureau.

Kaylee Hartung

Kaylee Hartung


Check out the recent tweet from Dick Vitale where Hartung is seen with the ESPN Bob (Bob Schieffer).

After spending five years there she then became an associate producer on "Face the Nation" with host Bob Schieffer. Besides that, she also has a high-profile role in ESPN's college sports coverage.

But now Hartung has decided to leave ESPN for CNN. Her work in CNN will start from April. That's something good for her. Now, let's talk about her dating life /relationship or shall we say love affairs.

Kaylee Hartung Dating

In her dating life, she has not much to talk about except for one guy. And to be honest is that guy even her boyfriend? Maybe only rumors? Let's try to find that out.

Did she get the man of her dream? Well, she wanted some serious lists of characteristics in a boyfriend. In an interview in 2013, a very sneaky reporter asked her the question and this is what she had to say;

“I definitely need to date someone who enjoys watching sports and talking about sports. I go for a pretty classic look. I’m not going to say that I’m married to a polo-and-khakis or a button-down-and- khakis look, but I just like someone who is put together. Whatever their style may be, as long as it’s clear they’re put together and put a little thought into it, and that they take pride in their appearance…I am a Southern girl, in heart and in mind.”

Lucky enough, she found the man she wanted in the form of Tim Tebow. But is Tim her boyfriend? Take a look!

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Tim is the former NFL star/ SEC Nation analyst, the perfect match of what our hot anchor wanted. With all the qualities that she wanted Tim was the perfect husband, lover, and, boyfriend.

Tim Tebow and Kaylee Hartung

Tim Tebow and Kaylee Hartung


Interests!! This is the thing that most of the times helps to bind a relationship. And this is what they had. Tim and Kaylee are so fond of each other and loves to spend a lot of time together.

Tim Tebow and Kaylee Hartung

Tim Tebow and boyfriend Kaylee Hartung


But they are not what we all thought of because Tim and Kaylee are like brother and sister. According to Kaylee, he is like a brother to her. Don't you believe us? Then we have taken out a post from her Instagram where she has mentioned Tim as the brother.

This must make things clear. So, is she not in any relationship? Yes! That must have made you happy. :D But do you think that she is married? Well, we will talk about it now.

Kaylee Hartung: No Time for Marriage

Since our hot anchor, Kaylee Hartung is single and not married till now, she gets a lot of proposals on social media as well as when she is presenting. Do check theses out.

Here's one when she is working;


The crowd in Fayetteville could not have been more welcoming for our first show of the season #SECNation

A post shared by Kaylee Hartung (@kayleehartung) on

Others on Twitter.

If you have a crush on this beauty with the brains then, we have already mentioned some of the things that she likes and the type of guy that she wants. You can always check your luck. Not just that, we have also told you where she will be working. Hurry up guys!

Kaylee Hartung

Kaylee Hartung


Just for you, here's a video of Kaylee Hartung.

Now it's up to you all the lovers to give it a try to make her love of your life. We hope you get some help from this article.

We wish this hot star of ESPN soon to be CNN's reporter a very best of luck for her career. Lots of proposals are on the way Kaylee!