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Home Gossip Hot Actress Lynda Carter Divorced with Ron Samuels, Is she Married Again?

Hot Actress Lynda Carter Divorced with Ron Samuels, Is she Married Again?

Arjun Sedai Wed Dec, 2016
Hot Actress Lynda Carter Divorced with Ron Samuels, Is she Married Again?

Lynda Carter is a renowned actress and singer prominent for her role as Wonder Woman in 1970s entertainment show. Before her marriage with Robert A.Altman, she was married to Ron Samuels.

What are the reasons that led her first marriage to divorce? We will be talking about her married life and reveal more of her marriage life, divorce, and second marriage.

Lynda Carter first marriage with Ron Samuels

Lynda Carter was married to Hollywood manager and producer Ron Samuels on 28 May 1977. She married him after the ending of Wonder Women series until their divorce on 1 February 1983. She had some serious problems with her marriage to Samuels and that, later on, turned her to be an alcoholic. Samuels was an offensive guy who had this façade that he was liked by people.

Lynda Carter and Rome Samuels on the Wedding day.

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Ron Samuels was later married to Heather Grossman and Heather reported she experienced domestic violence from Samuels. Lynda Carter doesn’t like to discuss her first marriage with Samuels. Lynda has no children from her first marriage.

Lynda Carter and Robert Altman marriage

After her divorce with former husband, Ron Samuels broke out she was isolated by fame. But soon she realized that fame was just a vapor and nobody can store it for long. Before it was too late to start a new life, she was brought close to Robert by Maybelline cosmetic (at this time she was working with Maybelline). 

Lynda Carter marriage with second husband Robert A.Altman

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Lynda Carter got married to her second husband Robert A.Altman, a Lawyer, in Washington, D.C on 29 January 1984. She believes Altman is the most profound change in her existence. Though it was Robert's first and Lynda's second marriage, she feels that it is her first marriage and addresses Robert as her best friend.

She seriously needed a guy who will help her out of the drinking habit. Later Robert came as a knight with shining armor and rescued her from the drinking habit. It was not all of a sudden that she quit her drinking habit after marriage, but it was the love, affection and motherhood curiosity to get rid of booze.

Lynda Carter and Robert Altman Children

She many times has talked about having a happy family and now she is one step closer to her desire as she has a loving husband but the one thing lacking is children. Her desire was also fulfilled when she became a mother of two children. In 1988, she gave birth to Robert’s first child James and in 1989 she gave birth to her second child Jessica.


CAPTION: Lynda Carter

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After a troublesome relationship with her first husband, Lynda is now very happy with her second husband Altman and two children. We wish all the best for the couple in their future endeavors.

Quick Facts about Lynda Carter:

Who is Lynda Carter's first husband?

Ron Samuels is Lynda Carter's first husband.

When did Ron Samuels and Lynda Carter get married?

Lynda Carter and Ron Samuels got married on 28th May 1997.

When did Lynda Carter and Ron Samuels get divorced?

Ron Samuels and Lynda Carter got divorced on 1st February 1993.

Who Lynda Carter's second husband?

Robert Altman is Lynda Carter's second husband.

When did Lynda Carter and Robert Altman get married?

Robert Altman and Lynda Carter got married on 28th January 1984.

How many children do Lynda Carter and Robert Altman have?

Robert Altman and Lynda Carter have two kids named James and Jessica.

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