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Home Gossip Hilaria Baldwin talks about her 2-and half-year-old daughter - Carmen Gabriela Baldwin

Hilaria Baldwin talks about her 2-and half-year-old daughter - Carmen Gabriela Baldwin

Rabina Koirala Sat Jul, 2016
Hilaria Baldwin talks about her 2-and half-year-old daughter - Carmen Gabriela Baldwin

We have very opinionated children,

Hilaria Baldwin stated while in an interview with People magazine and the co-founder of Yoga Vida, and fitness and wellness expert doesn't seem to get enough of her daughter, Carmen Gabriela Baldwin born on August 23, 2013. Carmen is the first child of Hilaria and second child of actor Alec Baldwin.

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Hilaria Baldwin about her daughter Carmen Gabriela Baldwin 

The second wife of The Boss Baby star Alec Baldwin, Hilaria Baldwin had some words for her daughter Carmen during the 2016 Fragrance Foundation Awards in New York City. Well, his father also didn't hold back! 

Alec told the PEOPLE Magazine,

Carmen is very verbal. Just interesting phrases. This morning, I said, 'Would you like to sit down and read a book with me?' And she said, 'Of course.'

She's very sophisticated.

Alec continued,

Rafael is very opinionated, too, but he only has five words. My kids are very smart; they say ‘Mama’ first. And ‘no,’ — he’s very good at ‘no.’ ?

Alec and Hilaria Baldwin also claimed that their daughter, Carmen, could speak when she was just five months old. But their second child, Rafael, seems to be a bit behind in verbal opinions. Nevertheless, their son is happy to exert his opinions physically.

Hilaria said,

He's almost walking, but he's very interested in crawling because he likes his independence. He wants to smash everything.

Hilarie Baldwin and Alec Baldwin with their children

Hilarie Baldwin and Alec Baldwin with their children 

Source: Frostsnow

The couple is expecting their third child together this fall. But in an interview, Alec was found emphasizing that this would be their last pregnancy.

The 32-year-old Spanish yoga instructor appears very candid in both her online and TV presence. She recently revealed she is often mistaken for her children's nanny because they are fair-haired whilst she has dark ones. Hilaria captioned a photo of her daughter on Instagram,

"With two blonde hair, blue-eyed children, people at the park always ask me if I am a nanny."

Hilaria Baldwin's children

Hilaria Baldwin's children

Source: US Weekly

These proud parents got married in 2012. Although with an age gap of 24 years, this couple seems to defy all odds with their blissful marriage and amazing parenting skills. Alec has a 20-year old daughter, Ireland, from his previous marriage to Kim Basinger.

 Alec Baldwin with his family

Alec Baldwin with his family

Source: Frostsnow

In the early 2000s, Alec had been in hot water over his custody for his daughter and a couple of other allegations regarding the matter. But 30-year-old rockstar came clean of it all in his book “A Promise To Ourselves”.

Currently, Baldwin is estimated to have a net worth of $65 million.