Heather Nauert questions Donald Trump's claims of US government completely giving up on ISIS

Updated On 28 Jun, 2016 Published On

The extremely talented and beautiful personality Heather Nauert has been known for her exceptional journalism skills and for the way she questions and raises concerns over social issues. She lately questioned Donald Trump’s claims that the US Government has completely given up on ISIS. Trump had even gone on to state that it was Obama who created ISIS along with Hillary Clinton, and Heather took to her FOX News Channel to raise questions regarding the matter.

Heather is an anchor of Fox and Friends as well as Fox and Friends First and she has been talking about and following the presidential election pretty well since its inception. She has raised questions to Donald Trump who claims that the US Government has given up on ISIS. She has raised concerns over the unrelated and false news being broadcasted by Trump and has acted upon it effectively by questioning if what he has said is true or not.

Donald Trump has been known to be making claims about just almost everything throughout the length of the presidential elections and  like Heather Nauert, many journalists of her caliber have raised questions about the integrity of the claims made by Donald.

Nauert is a 46-year-old beauty who has managed to earn a huge amount of net worth, almost 3 million dollars for the endeavors she has carried out on Fox Channel.  She has been married to her longtime boyfriend Scott Norby. Her husband is an investment banker who works at Goldman Sachs and she has two children with him and has no extra-marital affair. She is a regular contributor to The Big Story and she has lately taken to question the integrity of the claims made by Donald Trump in regards to the ISIS after the Orlando shootings took place last month. It surely can be hoped that she and other journalists together help and eradicate the ideas that are being planted into the minds of US Citizens and the terror that has been spreading across the USA.