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Home News Heather Locklear is in Rehab Again After 6 Months of Psychiatric Hospitalization

Heather Locklear is in Rehab Again After 6 Months of Psychiatric Hospitalization

Navin shah Thu May, 2019

American actress Heather Locklear is finally back in rehab almost 6 months of medication in a psychiatric hospital. As per People, Locklear has been in the rehab facility for about 2 weeks now.

Earlier, the actress had been in the same rehab facility but ever since the 57 years checked out for a three-day leave on the occasion of Christmas, she had not gone back.

Talking of Locklear medical issues, a source told People about her battle with alcohol, pills and mental health. 

She doesn't want anybody to hold her accountable. She has no job, nothing to keep her accountable.

Locklear was put on a psychiatric hold in November after she was reported of having a breakdown by her lawyer and therapist.

Also, previously, back in June, she was admitted for a psych evaluation after, as per her family, she threatened to commit suicide.

Heather CAPTION: Heather Locklear is back in rehab facility SOURCE: Daily Mail

There had also been reports of her irritation with people and that she did not accept any aid from people. 

She won't take any help from anybody close to her who wants to help her, Somebody has to take a lead on this, and nobody has any rights here except her parents and they're very old.

A close source to the family said that Locklear's family members are very much worried about her wealth. They said,

While in rehab, she made several promises that she would never let this happen to her again but eventually slipped and this being the worst relapse than any of her others.

Well, since the actress is admitted again in the rehab facility, we hope she recovers soon. 

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