HBO series The Leftover Season 3 premiere date along with The Leftovers cast

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    With miracle in ruins, the guilty remnant claiming success and Kevin seemingly reunited with his entire family, many have been begging for the third season of HBO's famous series The Leftovers.

    Even after the mixed reviews gained by previous two seasons from the series, HBO did decide to give one more season, the bigger news being that it will definitely be the end of the leftovers series and the season releasing in 2017 will be the last season.

    The Leftover Season 3

    The Leftover Season 3

    Despite the season had a perfect ending, writer /producer Damon Lindelof went for the third season. He announced that the season will be its final. 

    Past two seasons of The Leftovers

    Lori and Tommy have come back into life, Nora has returned and everything is coming together, Milhouse Kevin story is seemingly done, the characters are possibly in the new place where they could potentially find happiness.

    Season 2 saw Kevin dealing with the repercussions of either his mental illness or his prophetic visions, depending on your interpretation. Having kicked party to the curb, his story may be done, but there are plenty of unanswered questions. So far the central character's story is done but what does that leave us to do in season 3?

    Megan and Tommy, for example, have a great and weird relationship. Fans want to see what the two of them together could do, either it could be destructive or it could be amazing. It's for the script writer to decide as Season 3 will contain a lot to do with Australia.

    Why is the Leftovers Series being put to an end?

    The Leftovers is a series that is a painful, often ambiguous examination of the human psyche, and condition. The creators of the show have always been clear with us; they are not going to answer the question of where the departed went, but that question is what underlies the entire series.

    We can be distracted by the plot when you have a great drama around it, but the characters can only go so far and you can only do that for so long before the mystical elements behind the show are addressed.

    Ultimately, HBO's The Leftover Season 3 is the right place to end the saga, and we are sure the followers will be answered with storylines that have remained unanswered.  

    They will get everything they want out in the 10 episodes of the third season and be done with it. That's what the writers are going to need if they're ever going to top what is arguably one of the best television drama ever.

    The Leftover Season 3 premiere date 

    The Leftovers Season 3 will be premiered in April 2017, though the show's followers are still arguing if we need a third season or not, as the story ended on a perfect note in the second season.

    In the above tweet writer/producer Damon Lindelof answers the queries regarding the recent season of The Leftover.