HBO announces Game of Thrones will end after 8 seasons and confirms a shorter 7th season

Updated On 31 Jul, 2016 Published On

The combination of dragons, magic, blood, war, twists, and sex -and lots and lots of them- has made Game of thrones what it is today. With a massive cult following, the fantasy epic has time and again broken a whole host of records including most Emmy wins in a year and unfortunately for the creators— the most pirated show ever. However, no matter how many followers the show has, just as all the Game of Thrones characters we love eventually come to an end someday, the show, itself, is not immune from the doom either.

HBO has now finally confirmed the rumor that was speculated for weeks — Game of Thrones is set to conclude in season 8 and the coming season will not only be delayed but it will also be 3 episodes short of the usual 'quota' of 10. All of these mean just 2 things: Cersei will sit on the throne a bit longer and fans of the fantasy-thriller would soon have to find other ways to meet their hunger for shocking twists and unsparing deaths.

However, not all is doom and gloom as the showrunners have not decided the number of episodes in the final season and have optimistically said a spinoff could happen in the future.

The number of episodes for that last cycle has not been determined, HBO programming chief Casey Bloys said Saturday at the Television Critics Association's summer conference. "We'll take as many as the producers will give us," he said.

After that, a spinoff remains a possibility.

"We're open to it, the producers aren't opposed to it, but there are no concrete plans right now," Bloys said.

Although a chance of GOT making up for the 3 fewer episodes in the final season is rare, we can still be hopeful they wouldn't be as cruel to us as they were to Ned Stark and his family.

Because the shooting for the next season will be pushed back so as to better replicate the 'winter' that has finally fallen upon Westeros, the series won't also be back with its seventh season until next summer, missing the deadline for the 2017 Emmy Awards, which it consistently dominates.

"It's always better to win more Emmys," Bloys said. "But the main goal is to do the best show possible for our subscribers and fans."

When Ned Stark had first warned us about the impending winter saying the famous words 'winter is coming', we should have understood then and there that a catastrophe was looming upon us as well.