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Home Gossip Has Tamron Hall SECRETLY married long-time boyfriend, Lawrence O'Donnell? Is he her husband?

Has Tamron Hall SECRETLY married long-time boyfriend, Lawrence O'Donnell? Is he her husband?

Rabina Koirala Sun Aug, 2016
Has Tamron Hall SECRETLY married long-time boyfriend, Lawrence O'Donnell? Is he her husband?

MSNBC’s Tamron Hall is creating a mild buzz on the internet for more than five years now. And the buzz is not about anything she reports on screen. The 48-year-old Hall has been rumored to be dating The Last Word host Lawrence O'Donnell.

Their affair and dating rumors started getting out in the media in 2011. It was then said that Hall had ‘boyfriend-ed’ the 66-year-old host. And in 2016, it was rumored that rumor had that the duo was secretly married and was living as husband and wife. What's the truth? Let's know.

Tamron Hall Dating Lawrence O'Donnell since 2011

It's been more than five years since the sensational Tamron Hall started dating the political analyst Lawrence O’Donnell. They are said to be having a pleasant time together.

Their co-workers have known of their not–so aptly hidden relationship since the very beginning. The duo is said to have taken their 'dating moments' away from the prying eyes of coworkers and media by keeping it as private as possible.

However, they have been spotted numerous times in their usual hangouts near their station.

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Tamroon Hall and Lawrence O'Donnell

Tamron Hall and Lawrence O'Donnell

Source: Bossip

Probably, in the world of fame, the relationship rumor is not a big issue. Well, even after this, Tamron and her alleged boyfriend have not opened up anything.

The rumors were unstoppable which turned its trump card alleging that Tamron and Lawrence were married secretly.

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Lawrence O'Donnell is said to be Tamron Hall's Husband 

Without the approval or denial of their relationship rumors, Tamron Hall and Lawrence O’Donnell's silence fired up the rumors.

The couple is supposedly married secretly since 2016

But allegations and speculations ran wild because the affair was not so well concealed. Tamron has never been married in her life, and she has also revealed in an interview that she regrets not having any children of her own

But Lawrence O’Donnell was married to movie actress Kathryn Harrold from 1994, but the marriage ended in divorce after several years in 2013.

Lawrence has a daughter, Elizabeth Buckley Harrold O'Donnell from his first wife, Kathryn.

Kathryn Harrold in her movie Nightwing

Lawrence first wife, Kathryn Harrold (from her movie Nightwing)  Source: IMDB

So maybe, Tamron sees the dual benefit of marrying her boyfriend— getting a lovely husband as well as a daughter.

Well, we can only hope that this couple comes out clean about their affair and their fans and audiences will have something to celebrate (with credible pieces of evidence too, for that matter).

Is she a mother of a child?

As we have already mentioned, Tamron is not married, and she also does not have any child. However, she regrets not having any child.

In one of her interviews, when she was asked what she wished to have looking back at the time when she was in her 20s. Well, she said,

I loved life at 25,” I really did. The only thing, and this is because we have to be honest on the show … the only thing I would have done is, I would have had a child. I know it’s young, but I would have at least started the process

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