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Home Gossip Has James Norton's relationship with actress Jessie squashed rumors of him being gay, Is the Couple Together?

Has James Norton's relationship with actress Jessie squashed rumors of him being gay, Is the Couple Together?

Monika Mon Apr, 2016
Has James Norton's relationship with actress Jessie squashed rumors of him being gay, Is the Couple Together?

James Norton, an English actor is best known for roles in the British TV series Happy Valley, Grantchester, War & Peace, and McMafia. 32-year-old handsome hunk Norton was rumored to be a gay, though his relationship with co-star girlfriend Jessie Buckley squashed the gay rumors.

So, are the couple together? Well, the War and Peace co-stars are not dating anymore, as James and Jessie broke-up nearly after 2 years of dating. Probably curious who is James in a relationship with, scroll down.

Who is James Norton Dating? His Current Girlfriend

Hollywood's dating life is full of surprise is not a new issue at all. It was just a few months of James' split with Jessie, that he found a new love for him.

Well, she is none other than Belleville star Imogen Poots. It is believed that the couple's relationship started after they shared the same set in Belleville where they played a self-obsessed couple.

CAPTION: James Norton and his new girlfriend Imogen Poots SOURCE: Mirror

Furthermore, the couple doesn't lag behind to share romantic moments in the public as back in December 2017, they were spotted kissing each other.

Really, a heartbreak for Jessie while on the other hand, a Christmas gift for the couple.

CAPTION: James Norton kisses Imogen Poots SOURCE: Daily Mail

Also, one of the hottest TV Star of 2018, James Norton's relationship with Poots, 29, is reportedly going well without any mishaps of separation.

Hope the story of the duos coincides with the happy fairy tale.

James Norton Past Affairs: Relationship With Jessie Buckley 

As we have mentioned, James Norton was in an affair with on-screen sister Jessie Buckley. With a cozy appearance on the Olivier Awards in London, on April 2016, it was alleged that something was something going on between the pair.

Later, in March 2017, the couple (former) confirmed that they were dating for over a year since January 2016. It is reported that James and Jessie first met while filming the BBC’s War and Peace leading the platform of their relationship.

Not only James Norton got to date the beautiful actress, also the rumors of James being gay was squashed for good.

CAPTION: James Norton and his ex-girlfriend Jessie Buckley SOURCE: Daily Mail

Norton, a celebrated rising star appeared alongside Jessie as his sister in British TV series War and Peace. Later the on-screen family members flashed themselves as lovers off-screen.

Well, the duos being in the limelight even were rumored to be married.

With the absence of rumors of having dated anyone besides on-screen, James' romantic life, however, was going on pretty until he and his former girlfriend Jessie split up in mid -2017, the reason being undisclosed.

Reportedly, Jessie stated that her split with James was not pictured quite perfect.

Gay Rumors Squashed 

Well, the handsome dude was alleged to be about being interested in men previously. His gay rumors have surfaced and circulated around the news tabloids for a long time, however, with his relationship with girlfriend Jessie, the rumors got a dead shot.

Now, dating Imogen Poots, it can now be said for sure that James Norton is straight.