Harvey Weinstein: Pamela Anderson Won't Back Down From Blasting Alleged Victims

Updated On 03 Dec, 2017 Published On

Pamela Anderson has not been backing down from her controversial comments about the film producer Harvey Weinstein's accusers.

The 50-year-old Baywatch star told Megyn Kelly on Thursday that his victims "know what you're getting into if you're going into a hotel room alone" and she stood by those criticised remarks in an interview with TMZ.

When pressed further about her comments, she told TMZ:

This is not victim blaming,

She further clarified that she never said women deserve to be abused and continued to call Harvey "a sexist pig and bully". Anderson added that she "will not get coerced into apology".

The former Playboy Playmate, who was one of the victims of sexual abuse herself as a child, said she wants to see all perpetrators punished, but advocated that women should be able to protect themselves.

There are a lot of self-protection courses. There is even a well-known story of suffragettes learning martial arts,Women [MUST BE] aware of certain problems and how to spot them and fight them. It is totally hypocritical to ignore this.


50-year-old Anderson faced a slew of backlash after her comments on Thursday from many women who labeled her a victim blamer. However, she also stated in her interview with Megyn Kelly Today that women should never blame themselves.