Haroon Syed who planted bomb in Elton Jhon's Concert Sentenced for Life Imprisonment

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Haroon Syed, who was accused of planting a bomb at an Elton John concert has been sentenced to life imprisonment.

The 19-year-old has now confessed the crime of plotting a bomb at Oxford Street in central London at Elton John's concert.

He admitted that he was working for terrorist group ISIS when he was found transporting suicide bombs and machine guns for such activities.

According to sources, Syed approached MI5 officers who were disguised as Jihadist and later he fell into their trap and befriended the officers on social media thinking of them as his fellow extremists.

Haroon Syed

Image: Haroon Syed

Source: Guardian

The court gave its verdict to jail him for life as he was found guilty of attempting a mass murder at the concert.
When he was arrested in September and was asked about his password; He replied 'ISIS', do you like that?

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Surprisingly, before a week of his arrest, he searched on the  Internet: 
"How can I stop being upset about the UK killing innocent Syrians and get on with my day?" 

This evidence speaks volumes about his criminal mind and intensions.
Since, 2013, 18 bombs plots have failed.