Haley Joy having a sibling: Mother Hoda Kotb says "Never Say Never"

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Speaking to the PEOPLE ahead of Mother's Day, Hoda Kotb shared her plans on whether giving her 15-month-old daughter Haley Joy a sibling or not. Yet the final answer is still unclear.

The Today co-anchor welcomed her first child Haley with her boyfriend Joel Schiffman in January 2017.



I know it’s a day late.. but here is your Monday mother’s day quote xxx

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Well, how should I say this? I guess ‘Never say never’ is the right way to put that!

Kotb, 53, told PEOPLE.

I know who I am now. I’m Haley’s mom, and I think I always was. But if you would have asked me years ago, ‘What are you?’ I probably would have said journalist, first. But now I know who I am.



Fav Mother’s Day picture MY mom and Haley ??????

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And I know who we are as a family and I think that means everything to me. She defines who I am and she also defines priorities and things that matter.

She also reminded me that delight comes in small, tiny moments/ You don’t have to plan a big trip to have a good time. You can have it on the living room floor.

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Well, speaking of trips, Kotb says the duo have traveled to Florida “a couple of times”.

We’ve flown a few times on the plane. She’s pretty good! She threw up a few times, but she seems okay.




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The I've Loved You Since Forever author shared her priorities have shifted in the most delightful way there is since she welcomed Haley into her life.

Work has ridden sidecar right next to me my whole life, and now it’s time for a baby seat to be here. I enjoy work and I love it and I put my heart and soul into it when I’m there, but my true heart is with [Haley], all the time now. I love being able to say it out loud, that my time with her is the most important thing — more important than work and more important than anything.

Kotb added,

I’m glad I can say that, because probably if this had happened years ago I don’t know that I would say that out loud — just because people judge and think you’re not dedicated to your work. But I’ve learned at this stage in my life I’m dedicated to my work and I love it, but she is No. 1.