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Home Gossip Gypsy Sisters Nettie Stanley Married Husband Huey Stanley In 2004; Know Their Married Life, Divorce Issues, And Children

Gypsy Sisters Nettie Stanley Married Husband Huey Stanley In 2004; Know Their Married Life, Divorce Issues, And Children

Sabina Gartaula Tue Feb, 2018
Gypsy Sisters Nettie Stanley Married Husband Huey Stanley In 2004; Know Their Married Life, Divorce Issues, And Children

Nettie Stanley is an American reality TV star best known for her appearance on reality TV show Gypsy Sisters alongside Stanley MellieWilliams Kayla, and Jo Ann Wells. However, she only appeared in the first four seasons of the show. She was having a good time until one of her stepchildren died in a violent event. After the incident, Nettie Stanley decided to quit her life of glitz and glamor and started raising her family off screen. 

Born on 10th July 1974, in Martinsburg, WV, the 44-year-old first made her appearance on TV through famous television show My Big Gypsy Wedding. Some of the other shows she has made an appearance in are American Gypsies, Big Fat Gypsy Weddings, and others.



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Nettie is currently happily married to her husband, Huey Stanley. Here, we are going to share with you some information about her marital relationship with husband Huey Stanley, their children, her past relationships and divorces. 

Nettie Stanley and husband Huey Stanley: married life and children

Gypsy Sisters' Nattie Stanley is currently married to her husband, Huey Stanley. The details about how the couple met or when they started dating are unknown, but they married back on 14th September 2004 and are together to date. 


Now that's a man my handsome

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After being married for ten years, the couple renewed their vows during the finale of Gypsy Sister's Season 3. In the episode, the couple had some heart-melting vows to share, and their children also attended the event. 

At the moment, it has been over fourteen years since husband Huey Stanley and Nettie Stanley tied the knot and they still have a smooth and healthy relationship. If you go across their respective Instagram, the couple has time and again posted pictures from their day to day life. All those pictures are enough to claim that the pair is living a blissful married life.

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Throwback at my wedding 

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Nettie Stanley seems to love her husband, Huey Stanley a lot and can be seen flaunting her husband on her Instagram. Moreover, she also uploaded a picture of her giant gypsy diamond wedding ring on her marriage anniversary captioning how lovely her husband is. 


Happy Anniversary to me from the best husband in the whole wide world

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Moreover, there have been no rumors about the couple getting a divorce or splitting.

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Nettie Stanley and Huey Stanley's children

Talking about their children, Nettie Stanley has two kids with Huey Stanley; Nukie Small and Dallas Williams. The couple has not revealed the detail information about their children. 

The names of Nettie Stanley's children from her previous marriage are also not available, but some of their names are; Destiny, Heath, Albert, Sheila, Kat, and Chasitie. Moreover, being a mom as a teenager, her eldest children are married and have children of their own making Nettie Stanley a grandmom of many grandchildren. 

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Nettie Stanley' Divorces and Failed Marriages

It might come as a shock for many, but Nettie Stanley was married twice before she tied the knot with her husband of fourteen years, Huey. 

According to reports, she first got married when she was just a teenager. Nettie Stanley eloped with a man named JR and got into a marital relationship with him. However, the marriage did not turn out as she expected and they ended up parting ways later on via divorce.

Later on, Nettie Stanley again got married to an unnamed man and also had a bad experience of marriage with him. Just like her first married life, her second marriage also did not work out and resulted in a divorce.

Watch Nettie in Gypsy Sisters

The exact date of when Nettie Stanley got married or divorce with either of the men is unknown. Nonetheless, the reality TV star, Nettie Stanley has found that man of her dreams, and that is all that matters rather than her past failed marriages. For now, she is happy and leading a healthy married life.

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Quick facts about Nettie Stanley and Huey Stanley

When did Nettie Stanley and Huey Stanley get married?

Nettie Stanley and Huey Stanley married each other on the 14th of September in 2004.

How many children does Nettie Stanley have?

Nettie had two children; Nukie Small and Dallas Williams, with husband Huey Stanley. Prior to that, she had five other children; Heath, Albert, Chasitie, Kat, Sheila, and Destiny from her relationship with other men.