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Home Gossip Gustaf Skarsgård's fame skyrockets following his role as Floki in History Channel series Vikings

Gustaf Skarsgård's fame skyrockets following his role as Floki in History Channel series Vikings

Rabina Koirala Sun Jul, 2016
Gustaf Skarsgård's fame skyrockets following his role as Floki in History Channel series Vikings

Born to a star-studded family must be pressurizing. That may or may not have been the reason Gustaf Skarsgard started acting at the mere age of 6. But we can be sure that he made the right decision in following his father Stellan Skarsgard’s footsteps. With his appearance in the History Channel series Vikings as Floki, his net worth has definitely spiked up.

Floki is a genius ship builder and he designs and builds the prototype of the new generation of Viking ships which can sail across the open ocean but also up the shallowest of rivers. Without Floki, one of the main characters, Ragnar would have never been able to fulfill his dreams of discovering new lands and new civilizations. Floki is a religious advocate who believes in the Gods above anything and everything.

As said by a critic, “Outsider, confidant, Shakespearean court jester, dark soul and pagan fundamentalist, Floki is the epitome of the paradoxical eccentric threatening to steal every scene he's in.”

Being the most captivating and one of the best characters of modern TV, Floki is something of an enigma. His presence in the series has further steeped in dangerous unpredictability.

"That's what's so exciting about him because if he was only the jester or only the comic relief, that would have been flat and boring," says Skarsgard about his character. "You never know what way he's gonna go so that actually allows me in any scene we're doing to be so free to do whatever. Sometimes if I feel I've been too crazy or over the top, I get tired of myself as an actor. Then I know I can just sit and sulk in a corner."

Skarsgard's creative input also made it into the battlefield and in the evolution of his character. He insisted to the Vikings creative team that an eccentric shipbuilder would not carry a shield. And this talented actor has taken his character to another level with his personal characteristical inputs to Floki.

"No one's safe in the eighth century!" Skarsgard had once jested. "We have this joke, the producer Keith [Thompson], we call him the Angel of Death because he will walk up to someone and he will say 'Do you have a minute?' He takes them aside and says 'So, we've finally come to this point. It's time for you to move on'."

But even if he is let go from the Vikings some day, Skarsgard won't have a lot of problems finding other jobs to display his skills because of the fame he has established through 'Floki.'

At the age of 34, Gustaf Skarsgård is already an internationally acclaimed film, television, and theater actor. With his passion for acting, he was accepted at the Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts at the record age of 18. He is also known for Evil (2003) and The Way Back (2010). 

Stellan Skarsgard, Gustaf’s father, is an actor with a net worth of $40 million. Stellan is married to his wife and has five children with his spouse. He has already been divorced once before his current marriage.