Grey's Anatomy’s New Episode Raises Domestic Violence Issue: What are its Fans Doing on Twitter?

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The Thursday night episode of Grey's Anatomy (dubbed 1-800-799-7233‏ after the phone number domestic violence hotline) raises important points about the issue of domestic violence. The episode revolves around Jo Wilson (Camilla Luddington, who is married to her boyfriend Matt Alan) and her estranged husband, Paul Stadler (Matthew Morrison). Jo’s former husband Paul abused her so badly while they were in a marital relationship that Jo went as far as running away from him.

Domestic Violence victim Jo Wilson, who is having an affair with Alex Karev in Grey's Anatomy, confronts her former husband Paul StadlerDomestic Violence victim Jo Wilson, who is having an affair with Alex Karev in Grey's Anatomy, confronts her former husband Paul Stadler

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She finally found love with Alex Karev and was trying to forget her past when it came knocking at her door. Paul confronts her at the hospital with divorce papers at hand and an intention of remarrying. He charms and manipulates the staff at Grey Sloan, where Jo works, casting Jo in a dubious light.

The issue raised by the series has touched the chord with the viewers, making some go as far as changing their Twitter names to the phone number for the National Domestic Violence Hotline in solidarity with the victims of domestic violence and to bring awareness to those facing abuse at the hands of their partners.

 And Grey's Anatomy fans are doing the same, using their Twitter handles and the Twitter medium at large to bring awareness to both the hotline and the issue.

There is no doubt that the turn of events will change Jo and Alex’s relationship forever. “You see that they’re in this together,” Luddington says. “Whatever happens, they are ride-or-die at this point.”

However, according to fellow cast member Kevin McKidd, the tension will be resolved quickly. Luddington adds,

“If she is to get closure, feeling like someone no longer has power over you is a huge thing. Even being able to tell people, because obviously it all comes out to everybody in the hospital — it has to be revealed who he is — so I think there’s freedom in being able to tell people the truth. So I hope for her, moving forward, there’s a weight lifted off her and that she can proceed in her future in a way that she hasn’t been able to before, without fear and without having to feel like she has to look over her shoulder and wonder who’s behind her. For Jo, I hope that there’s peace in her future, but you’ll have to wait and see.”