Grandson of Tenzing Norgay, Tenzing Trainor gains fame in Hollywood

Updated On 15 Apr, 2016 Published On

The grandson of Tenzing Norgay Sherpa, Tenzing Trainor, has managed to make his and his grandfather’s name heard in the world by gaining fame in Hollywood. Trainor, who was born on the 4th of September 2001, has indulged himself in the acting fraternity at a mere age of 14 and consequently has managed to earn fame in the acting industry through his sporadic and yet effective appearances.

Tenzing Trainor has risen to fame particularly after appearing in a list of Liv and Maddie episodes. He portrays the recurring role of Parker Rooney in the Disney’s series and through his brilliant performances, he has made a name for himself in Hollywood. 

Tenzing Norgay, his grandfather, was the man who assisted Sir Edmund Hillary on his path to reaching the top of the world, the Mt. Everest.  Trainor, who lives in Florida as of now,  started playing soccer at the age of 6. He started his career as an actor at a little age of just 11 and has been hugely successful in it. Apart from appearing with the Liv and Maddie cast, this young star has also made appearances on popular shows such as Stevie TV and Good Luck Charlie.

Trainor, who has two younger brothers named Kalden and Yonden, has not revealed the information about his parents. Although his parents are originally from Nepal,  he was born and raised in Florida. Trainor, who has a height of 4 feet, is thought to be as successful in the future as his grandfather was when he reached the summit of the Everest.