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Home Gossip Gotham Actor Paul Reubens' Present Relationship Status: All About His Marriage & Affairs

Gotham Actor Paul Reubens' Present Relationship Status: All About His Marriage & Affairs

Ayush Rayamajhi Fri Mar, 2018
Gotham Actor Paul Reubens' Present Relationship Status: All About His Marriage & Affairs

The American actor and comedian Paul Reubens is best known for the portrayal of the comic fictional character Pee-wee Herman. Reubens legacy as Pee-wee began from the 1980s. He reprised his iconic character in the 2016 Netflix's adventure comedy film, Pee-wee's Big Holiday.

Apart from Reubens' professional life, at this point, our prime motive is to take a step inside the 65 years old actors' love life along with his past affairs and relationships. He was previously married to the actress Charlene Heffner. Well, if you are keen to know about Reubens' current dating status then keep on reading.

Paul Reubens: Who is he dating?

Reubens is speculated to be single at present as he hasn't spoken anything about love affairs that he has been involved in recent year. Maybe he is trying to keep his personal life a mystery or it is also possible that he is single by his choice.

Paul Ruebens

Paul Reubens

Source: UPI

It has been more than 15 years the comedian hasn't been in a serious relationship. His last affair was with the Goodfellas star Debi Mazar.

Well, during this interval, he was spotted with several beautiful women but he never confirmed about his actual girlfriend and his dating life. And it is entirely Reubens choice whether to acknowledge his relationship with public or to keep it to himself as there are no obligations on that. 

Paul Reubens: Past Relationships, Affairs, and Marriage

Rubens is a formerly married man. He was married to his ex-wife Charlene Heffner in the early 1990s. Reuben seems to be quite conservative when it comes to his personal life as he hasn't revealed much about his married life. Well, some sources speculated that Charlene was Reubens' first girlfriend.

Ruebens and his ex-wife were together for over a decade and got divorced after around 5 years of their marriage. Reuben doesn't seem to have any children with his ex-wife, and he has also never mentioned anything at all about his kids. 

Paul Ruebens and his ex-girlfriend Debi Mazar

Paul Reubens and his ex-girlfriend Debi Mazar

Source: Pinterest

Well, after his separation with his spouse, Rueben started dating the New York-born actress Debi Mazar in 1993. Mazar is currently in a delightful nuptial bond with her husband Gabriele Corcos with whom she has two daughters. Ruben and his ex-girlfriend Mazar had an affair for more than 5 years.

Paul Reubens and Drena De Niro

Paul Reubens and Drena De Niro

Source: TV Guide

Furthermore, he was also spotted with the daughter of Robert De Niro, Drena De Niro at the 2002 Vanity Fair Oscar party.

Besides, there were also rumors about Reuben having an affair with the actress Brooke Ashley in 1992, when he was freshly divorced. As the assumed couple didn't confirm their relationship, no proper and relevant updates were made later regarding the affair.