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Home Gossip Is Gotdamnzo From Vine Gay; Details of His Rumors and Affairs

Is Gotdamnzo From Vine Gay; Details of His Rumors and Affairs

Nisha Bohara Tue Jul, 2018
Is Gotdamnzo From Vine Gay; Details of His Rumors and Affairs

The technology has provided various opportunities to stay connected to the world. In today’s time, the rapid growth of technological aspects doesn't keep one’s talent in shades. Likewise, the advancement touched an ordinary person named Zoie Fenty whose talent got flashed out in the busy world through the social media. Zoie Fenty is popularly known as Gotdamnzo by his fans.

Gotdamnzo got popular with his video content that he posts on his Youtube channel. His videos are full of comedy scenes that create a smile in his subscribers face. Apart from his fame, the YouTube star is rumored to be a gay. How true is this? If you want to find out the exact thing, then you won’t regret staying with us.

Is YouTube sensation Gotdamnzo a gay?

The YouTube sensation is often dragged to controversies prior to different aspects. His followers doubted him of being a gay after they glanced at his gestures and postures in his videos. Not only this but his fans also suspected him of being gay after he posted videos regarding facials, manicures, and skin care.

CAPTION: Gotdamnzo
SOURCE: Famous Birthdays

But according to the sources Gotdamnzo is not a gay. Furthermore, he is single for now as he hasn’t fallen for anyone yet. For now, the star only loves his fans and puts as much effort in the creation of the video for his channel.

Gotdanzo's Confirmation (Not A Gay)

Gotdamnzo has been pulled off in many controversies of being a gay. Anyone who glances at his videos tends to believe that he is indeed a gay due to his gestures and postures. However, he admits of not being a gay whatsoever he uploads facial and manicures videos. 

We can be so sure about him not being a gay as he posted it in his Twitter account on 4th Jan 2018 admitting its not a big deal for a boy to do facials and manicures.

So we can say that he is just trying out things for fun and to entertain his fans. Moreover, his Twitter posts suggest that he is not a gay.

Gotdamnzo's Rise to Stardom

On October 17, 2013, Zoie Fenty joined YouTube with his channel titled as GotDamnZo. He continuously posted funny and crazy videos. His videos entertained a large population. His most loved videos are Intense Mukbang Eating Sounds, ‘Morning Routine for 2016, TT Edition, and The Strange Thing about the Johnsons.

His videos are viewed by 1.4 million to 2 million people. As per now, his Youtube channel has 1029857 subscribers with 206 videos posted on it.

YouTube: GotDamnZo's Skin Care Video

The YouTube rising sensation GotDamnzo general vlogs, challenges, and collaborations have earned him a huge fandom. He further started Vines in the year 2014. His vines, too, entertained a large density of people. He is also active in YouNow and Instagram. He shares the screen with famous personalities like OfficialOcean and Flamingoes.

Personal Life and the Net worth of Gotdamnzo

Born on May 31, 1991, in California, USA, Gotdamnzo’s personal life has remained in shades till date. The details that are known is he has a sister and a brother. His star sign is Gemini. He belongs to the American nationality. He reached 27 years of age in the May of 2018. He belongs to Black ethnicity.

Talking about his net worth, he has around $500 Thousand as his total worth. He makes around $29.8K per month and $357K annually from his videos and contents.