Gloria Borger Divorce rumors with Husband Lance Morgan; Also know their professional career

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Gloria Anne Borger is an American television personality who is a renowned CNN Journalist. She is the wife of Lance Morgan. Morgan is the chief executive officer of an award-winning economic development corporation, Powell Tate.

The couple's divorce rumors made the news headlines, but did they actually get a divorce? After a long time of their marital relationship, their divorce rumor hit the internet surprising all their fans. This story gained a lot of attention and curiosity, and her fans are eagerly waiting to know the truth behind the rumors. Are you one among them?

Let's dig a little deeper about the rumored former husband and wife couple. Know their personal life affairs. Stay with us.

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Borger's Married Life with Husband Lance Morgan; Did they actually divorce?

Glorie Borger is a talented woman with an amazing personality. Besides her work, she is a dedicated wife and a mother. She likes to keep things very reserved and does not easily open up about her personal life, but her professional life is an open book.

The beautiful husband and wife couple; Borger, and Morgan with their child Evan Morgan

The beautiful husband and wife couple; Borger, and Morgan with their child Evan Morgan

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Borger married Lance Morgan, and they were spending quality time together when rumors of their divorce hit the internet. The divorce rumors spread in the air like a wildfire which garnered people's attention. What's the story behind this? Why the divorce story made news headlines?

64 years old Borger, a mother of one has a very successful career. However, this time around her evenly successful personal life is under scrutiny. The reason behind this is her divorce story with husband, Lance.

The beautiful husband and wife couple; Gloria Borger, and Lance Morgan

The beautiful husband and wife couple; Gloria Borger, and Lance Morgan


Together for a long time, this adorable husband and wife couple did not have any public altercations, but their divorce rumor started to make a significant noise. The rumor did not have any proper evidence to conclude about the couple's divorce. So, this might be nothing but a rumor. 

Borger is now a mother of a grown-up son, Evan Morgan, and her son is also a married man. He is married to Mary Huntsman, daughter of Jon Huntsman, a Republican candidate. Evan and his beautiful wife, Mary are a power couple as they are widely renowned in the media world. 

Gloria Borger's son and daughter-in-law, Evan Morgan and Mary Huntsman

Gloria Borger's son and daughter in law; Evan Morgan and Mary Huntsman 

Evan and Mary have been in a married relationship for quite a long time now. They may be on the verge of getting a child for the first time which will make Borger a grandmother and Lance, a grandfather.  So, we don't think they will be thinking about their divorce when they are waiting for the joyful news to come their way.

Want to know about Borger and her husband's professional career? We will walk you through the whole thing. Stay with us.

Borger and her husband Lance professional career in Brief:   

American political journalist, columnist, and pundit, Gloria Borger, who is also best known as a chief political analyst for CNN was born on September 22, 1952, in New York, the United States. People who worked with Borger says she has very straightforward and bold personality and maybe that is the reason why she has achieved so much success in her career. Her $3M net worth shows her how successful she is. She is also very active on Twitter.

Check out one of her Twitter posts:

Video: Gloria Borger interviewed US president Donald Trump's daughter Ivanka Trump

Her husband is a well-known chief communication strategist at a company named Powell Tate, a global networking company. Prior to that Lance worked as a press secretary to Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan and for the US Senate Iran-Contra Investigating Committee, as a spokesman.

We wish this longtime husband and wife couple all the best for their future and we believe their divorce rumor is nothing but a false story. We hope they soon become grandparents and live their life to the fullest.