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Home Gossip Glenn Greenwald's net worth is $8.5 billion.Know about his career and awards

Glenn Greenwald's net worth is $8.5 billion.Know about his career and awards

Rabina Koirala Thu Dec, 2016
Glenn Greenwald's net worth  is $8.5 billion.Know about his career and awards

Glenn Greenwald is a renowned name in the field of journalism. Not only in the States, Greenwald has his influences all over the world. With his bold perspectives and applaudable verbal and oral portrayals, he has made millions of followers as well as critiques.

Greenwald is a lawyer, author, anchor, speaker, and a commentator. His genre includes non fiction, politics, and legal issues. He has been active in the field for more than two decades.

Image: Glenn Greenwald

And being good at something for so long in the industry has to have its perks right? In case of Glenn Greenwald, his finances speak for his success.

Glenn's net worth

As per Forbes estimation in 2013, 49 year old Glenn is standing with a net worth of $8.5 million. This figure is supposed to have increased significantly since then.

The increase is said to be mostly because of his switch from the famed magazine "Guardian" to join a new media venture funded by eBay founder Pierre Omidyar. 

Image: Glenn Greenwald

While making the much talked about switch, Glenn was found stating that he was presented with a "once in a career dream journalistic opportunity" that he could not pass up.

Glenn's career

During the early phase of his career, Glenn Greenwald practiced law in the Litigation Department at Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz (1994–1995). From that experience he then co-founded his own litigation firm, called Greenwald Christoph & Holland (later renamed Greenwald Christoph PC), where he litigated cases concerning issues of U.S. constitutional law and civil rights.

After more than a decade in the field of practicing law, he decided to switch his profession to something more “impacting”.


According to Greenwald, "I decided voluntarily to wind down my practice in 2005 because I could, and because, after ten years, I was bored with litigating full-time and wanted to do other things which I thought were more engaging and could make more of an impact, including political writing."

There was no looking back for him after that. He started his own blog and further became a contributing writer for Salon website. It was in August 2012 when he joined Guardian and reached the peak of his career.

It was a shock for many when he made the switch to his current position.

Glenn's awards

Greenwald has received awards including the first Izzy Award for independent journalism, in 2009, and the 2010 Online Journalism Award for Best Commentary. His reporting on the National Security Agency (NSA) won numerous other awards around the world.

The awards included top investigative journalism prizes from the George Polk Award for National Security Reporting, the 2013 Online Journalism Awards, the Esso Award for Excellence in Reporting in Brazil for his articles in O Globo on NSA mass surveillance of Brazilians (becoming the first foreigner to win the award), the 2013 Libertad de Expresion Internacional award from Argentinian magazine Perfil, and the 2013 Pioneer Award from the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

And his fame and readership is only increasing over the years.

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