Gigi Hadid Gets Real About Body Shaming, Retouched Photos and Wanting "My Ass Back"

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Gigi Hadid is more than what she looks like. Although the supermodel looks stunning while walking the runway or posing for magazines, she admits that critics always find a way to have themselves heard.

But in her appearance in the May issue of Harper's Bazaar, the 22-year-old fashion model addressed body shamers and haters, with reminding women of all ages that they are enough.

With special guest interviewer Blake Lively, Gigi said,

If I could choose, I would have my ass back and I would have the tits I had a few years ago. But, honestly, we can't look back with regret. I loved my body then, and I love my body now. Whoever is reading this, I want you to realize that three years from now, you will look back at a picture from this time period and be like: 'Wow, I was so hot. Why did I feel so bad about myself because of some stupid thing someone said?'

Gigi Hadid Gets Real About Body Shaming, Retouched Photos and Wanting "My Ass Back"

Gigi Hadid Gets Real About Body Shaming, Retouched Photos and Wanting "My Ass Back"

Source: eonline

Both Gigi and Blake pointed out the power of retouched images. Imperfections can suddenly look like perfection, with the help of photoshop. And being famous additionally allows for easier access to the best trainers, beauty teams and help in the world.

Black shared in the article,

It's so important for young people not to compare themselves with what they see online. It's our job as actors and/or models to be in shape. We have access to gyms and trainers and healthy food. And then on top of that, 99.9 percent of the time, the images are Photoshopped. I'm guilty myself of being at a photo shoot and saying, 'That looks terrible on me.' And they're like, 'We'll fix it.' And you're so relieved.

Gigi then added,

It's my experience that your body will grow and change, and there's always beauty in it, no matter what.

While it may sound easy to ignore the Internet trolls, sometimes, the words of strangers can rub even the most experienced the wrong way.

In the new issue, Gigi explained,

Most of it is just nonsense. But it can still hurt. Nowadays, people are quick to say, 'I used to love Gigi's body, and now she just gave in.' But I'm not skinny because I gave in to the industry. When I had a more athletic figure, I was proud of my body because I was an amazing volleyball player and horseback rider. But after discovering that I have Hashimoto's [an autoimmune disease], I needed to eat healthy and work out.